Appearance on the Heavy Metal Strength Coach Podcast: UK Tour, Tacos, and 600 lb Deadlifts

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It’s not lost on me that some of you reading may be thinking to yourself…

…”Heavy metal? Tony? No, it can’t be.”

Listen, as a strength coach it’s pretty much inevitable a fair portion of your working life will be saturated by the sounds of Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, and Tool.

And so it happened, early in my career (particularly during my Cressey Sports Performance days), my ears would sometimes bleed (in a good way) from such sounds. However, as everyone is well aware, I’d always try my best to bring a little levity to the training environment with a little Wu-Tang or Tiesto.

And while I can’t say I listen to a lot of heavy metal music at my studio in Boston, I do appreciate its ability to help trainees succumb to their inner rage monster for a big lift when needed.

That said, it was a pleasure to be invited back onto The Heavy Metal Strength Coach Podcast hosted by Chris Kershaw

Flat lay composition with Microphone for podcasts and black studio headphones

UK Tour, Tacos, and 600 lb Deadlifts

Chris – in case it wasn’t obvious enough – is a strength coach based who likes heavy metal music. He’s based in the UK and was kind enough to invite me back onto his show recently to discuss my upcoming workshops in England (London & Leeds) this coming Spring as well as go a bit into the weeds on the importance of meeting your clients/athletes where THEY are.

HINT: That’s where the taco reference comes from.

And, of course, there’s some discussion surrounding lifting heavy things.

Chris is a natural interviewer and I think you’ll enjoy his laid back, conversational style.

Give it a listen HERE.

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