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This is rich.

Me making a cameo on a podcast centered around endurance sports? Admittedly, the last time I was on a bike was when I was 12, and I am pretty sure the longest distance I’ve run in the past decade is however long the sidewalk is in front of my apartment building.

I lift heavy things. I tell people to lift heavy things. What in the hell am I doing on a podcast for triathletes?

I mean, what’s next?

  • ‘Tony muses on his favorite hand soap recipes!”
  • “Tony waxes poetic about when’s the ideal time to plant your radishes!”
  • “Crochet your next epic pair of mittens – Tony Gentilcore speaks!”

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I Actually Do Know a Thing or Two About Training Endurance Athletes

As a personal trainer and strength coach residing in Boston, it’s only inevitable I’d end up working with endurance athletes. I’ve worked with a few triathletes and marathoners throughout the years and they need what everyone else needs…a base of strength to help build the other attributes and qualities they’re looking to improve upon to succeed in their sport(s).

As it happens this isn’t the first time I have been invited onto this particular show. The host, Menachem Brodie, is a good friend of mine and we share many common coaching philosophies when it comes to working with this population.

In this episode we discuss:

    • How should you (strength) train through your season?
    • Should you skip training if you feel sore or have tightspots?
    • Should you snow plow through and lift heavy shit anyways if you don’t feel 100%?
    • How can a coach find a client’s or athlete’s “trainable menu” to work around nagging injuries?

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