5 Exercises You DO NOT Need To Be Doing….

I’ll put it simply, the following exercises are about as useful as a poo flavored lolly pop. In short: don’t do them. 1. Anything on a BOSU ball, Airex pad, Dyna-disc, etc: I already blogged about this before (scroll down to “Training for the Circus). I really feel that such exercises have NO place in… Read more

“I Eat REALLY Well…” so why are you still 20+ lbs overweight?

Not a day goes by where I don’t hear one of the following statements: “I eat REALLY well…” “My diet is perfect…” “I make good nutritional choices…” “Tony Gentilcore is so good looking…” If you eat so well, then why are you still 20 lbs overweight? If your diet is so perfect, then why do… Read more

If More Women Got Off the Treadmill, the World Would Be a Happier Place

In my experience as a personal trainer, the majority of women (read: NOT ALL) I work with tend to want to look like this: The first picture is of my friend Jen Heath (www.jenheath.com). The second picture is of my good friend Cassandra Forsythe (www.cassandraforsythe.com). Sorry fellas, both are taken…;o) Jen is a model, figure… Read more

Crunches=Waste of time.

If I had to make a list of the worst things that people do in the gym, it would look like this. 1. Talking on their cell phone while exercising. I will never quite understand this. Seriously, you can’t live without your phone for an hour? 2. Wearing sunglasses. Why? 3. Staring at the tv… Read more

Dietary Protein and Your Kidneys

If I hear one more registered dietician or physician mention that diets high(er) in protein are dangerous, I am going to go postal. First lets make of a list of things that ARE dangerous: 1. Putting your finger in an electrical socket 2. Swimming in a pool full of sharks. 3. Responding “yes” whenever your… Read more

Smart from the Start (Part I)

Here’s a little list of fitness/nutrition concepts, ideas, techniques, habits, etc that I feel EVERYONE should be incorporating into their daily repertoire. If you disagree, tough noogies. This is my blog, so I can say what I want. And of course, I am right…;o) 1. Learn to train MOVEMENT PATTERNS and find structural balance in… Read more


Excuses. I hear them all the time. Comes with the job of being a personal trainer I suppose. I am often amused when I overhear someone making excuses as to why they aren’t getting the results they had hoped for. Sorry folks, but going to the gym to walk on the treadmill for 60 minutes,… Read more

Starbucks=Liquid McDonalds

The following is an excerpt of an article I wrote that originally ran on t-nation.com, titled Dieting Disasters. To Read the entire article, click here: Ditch the Calorie Containing Beverages!!! This is usually the very first thing I tend to “tweak” when I start with a new client. Unless someone is actually trying to put… Read more