Working Out vs. Training

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Anyone who has read my articles or who has trained with me in person knows that I like to differentiate between “working out” and “training.” In my opinion there is a huge difference.

Walk into any fitness center or sports club and you will inevitably see most people “working out.” If more people “trained,” I am willing to bet more would actually attain their physique goals.

That being said, lets look at the differences between “working out” and “training.” And because this is my blog and I like lists, I’m using a list. So there.

Someone who “works out”

1. Complains that it’s too hot in the gym.

2. Listens to John Mayer or Celine Dion

3. Is reading who currently has custody of Britney Spears kids in this week’s gossip mags while walking on the treadmill. Lets be honest, a pack of lions would make better parents.

4. Wears a headband.

5. Is ecstatic the new line of elliptical trainers is coming in.

6. Wears gloves while lifting weights. You know, to prevent callouses.

7. Would rather perform leg curls.

8. Carries their cell phone with them into the gym. Unless you’re a brain surgeon and/or Reggie Jackson (who I actually did see in the gym talking on his cell phone, but he’s Mr. October and you’re not, plus his forearms are the size of Kansas), you can live without your phone for an hour.

9. Carries a newspaper or magazine with them to read in between sets (worse yet: reads a newspaper or magazine DURING a set). Huh, I wonder why you’re still fat?

10. Uses the phrase, “I don’t want to get big and bulky” whenever anyone suggests that they lift more than 10 lbs (ahem, ladies).

Someone who trains:

1. Actually enjoys sweating and looks like their exerting some sort of effort.

2. Listens to Rage Against the Machine or any other form of “my mother didn’t love me” music.

3. Is catching his or hers breath between sets and could care less what Britney Spears is up to.

4. Wears Chuck Taylors or Nike Frees. If they’re really hardcore, they train barefoot. (Side Note: most people can benefit immensely by training barefoot.)

5. Refuses to sign up at a gym that doesn’t have a squat rack.

6. Is proud of their callouses. Each one has it’s own name.

7. Ditches the leg curls for deadlifts instead.

8. Doesn’t feel that women should train differently then men. I have a female client who box squats 225 for reps and can rack pull over 300 lbs and she still looks like a girl. She’s also stronger than 80% of the guys in the gym. How you like dem apples?

9. Doesn’t come to gossip or to hang out. They’re in and out in less than 75 minutes (which includes foam rolling, dynamic flexibility drills, actual training, and any energy system work that is to be done).

10. Has a purpose and mission each and every day (s)he steps into the gym; whether it’s to get leaner, faster or stronger.

So which do you do? Do you work out or train?

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