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It’s been awhile since I had any nutritional content on the blog, so I figured I would let people know about an outstanding product. My friend and uber cool nutritionist Mike Roussell released his manual “Your Naked Nutrition Guide” a few months ago. Not only is it the most awesome name for a manual ever, but it’s made my job infinitely easier when dealing with my clients and their nutritional whoas.

TG: What was one of the main reasons why you wrote Your Naked Nutrition Guide?

MR: I created it because 1. I know it works and can help people and 2. There is so much bad nutrition information out there. Despite all the nutritional information available today there was a void when it comes to practical information that people can use to get results.

The manual has been unofficially in the works for years, probably ever since I got into nutrition. I found that every time I would start working with a new person I was reinventing the wheel so to speak in regards to answers the same questions, outlining the same strategies, etc. With this manual I just poured out all the practical, results driven nutrition principles that I use and have used with clients. In Your Naked Nutrition Guide you will find the exact steps that I use with people to improve their health and change their bodies. Basically by putting all this information into a manual I can impact many more people’s health and body composition than if I were do try to help as many people as possible though face to face interactions.

TG: What do you feel separates your manual from the rest?

MR: The amazing cover!

Okay seriously…Your Naked Nutrition Guide definitely isn’t like other manuals out there for several reasons. I dedicate a whole section to planning and goal setting. This isn’t theoretical stuff but how to practically map out your plan so that you reach your goals much faster than you would otherwise. In the manual there is also a supplement section. I created the “Supplement Pyramid” where I separated supplements into Basics, Performance Enhancers, and Experimental. I outline what supplements fall under what categories, when you should take them, what to look for when buying them, and how much you should take. Another area is the Naked Nutrition Serving System. Counting calories is a miserable thing to do and definitely a waste of your time. With this serving system, I have outlined when and how much food to eat. You just pick the foods you like. There are several chapters dedicated to creating your own meal plans and manipulating them depending on your goals. Those are probably the top three areas where Your Naked Nutrition Guide separates itself from the rest.

TG: What can people expect when they buy your manual?

MR: Results. Really, this manual is all about results. Or did you mean what else is included content wise? In regards to content you get everything I just talked about plus a section on the importance of using multiple units of measure to track progress, what measures to use, and how often to use them. There are also chapters on Nutrient Timing and an in-depth look at the 6 Pillars of Nutrition – my foundational nutritional strategies. There are meal plan templates, recommend food lists, goal setting templates, charts outlining how many servings of each type of food you should eat depending on your caloric intake and desired macronutrient ratios. You get the point…a lot of practical content.

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