The Mommy Makeover

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I got an e-mail this morning that had a link to this article in the NY Times titled: Is the ‘Mom Job’ Really Necessary? In a nutshell the article describes how some plastic surgeons are charging upwards of $10,000-$30,000 for a procedure called “the mommy makeover.” Aimed at mothers, it usually involves a trifecta: a breast lift with or without breast implants, a tummy tuck and some liposuction. The procedures are intended to hoist slackened skin as well as reduce stretch marks and pregnancy fat.

One woman explains how after she gave birth, she ended up with really badly stretched skin and nothing was where it was supposed to be even after doing “crunches til the cows came home.” All of this despite hiring a personal trainer to work with her three times per week for eight months. As a last resort, she ended up getting the “mommy makeover” and life, seemingly,was back to normal. Except for the fact that you know, she is now half human and half mutant killing cyborg.

My thoughts on the matter:

1. Genius marketing by the plastic surgeons. I can’t blame them for wanting to make a ton of money. According to the article, plastic surgeons across the country performed roughly 325,000 “mommy makeovers” in 2005. (Draw drops to floor……..Ca-ching). Just wow.

Must stink for those women to know that for cost of what it would be to buy a power rack, barbell, a bench, and some dumbbells for their home ($1500), they could have saved themselves quite a bit of money. Additionally, an outdoor track is free. Gym membership is probably $50-$100 per month for those who can’t train at home. Heck a “good” personal trainer will cost some money, but it’s still significantly less than a VERY invasive surgery that you could potentially die from.

2. Through reading this blog, most of you should by now that “doing crunches till the cows come home” is a complete waste of time. Matter of fact, your time could be better spent watching grass grow while waiting for the paint to dry. No wonder this particular woman didn’t get any results after eight months of working with a personal trainer.

3. My friend Jen Heath has had FOUR kids and she never used that as an excuse to not get her body back. Matter of fact she went from 195 lbs when her twins were born to looking like this not too long after.

Jen Heath

How? She worked her butt off in the gym performing deadlifts, squats, pull-ups, rows, and energy system work (intervals). Notice there is no mention of crunches, aerobics classes, or pink dumbbells for 20 reps? Not to mention she was dialed in with her nutrition (yes, it’s that important). She didn’t make excuses and WORKED for what she wanted. No quick fix surgeries (which lets be honest, aren’t guaranteed) . Matter of fact Jen developed a solid product called “Fat Loss Pros” where she interviews some of the top names in the industry concerning fat loss. You can actually learn how to do it the right way, for about $9,900 less than what it would cost you to get “the mommy makeover.” How you like dem apples?

Tony Gentilcore

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