Monthly Archives: March 2009

How to Prevent Sports Hernias. WARNING: May Be Illegal in 19 States

Sports hernias seem to be rising at an epidemic rate as of late in sports such as hockey and soccer. Mike Boyle wrote a fantastic article titled Understanding Sports Hernias for not too long ago, and I wanted to share a small snidbit (yes I said snidbit) here with you: In truth a number… Read more

Girls of CP Pushing the Sled (No Pink Dumbbells Included)

You suck Tony I hate you Tony Tony, you’re an a-hole Surprisingly, these are not quotes from a recent date I went on. Note to Emily: I had no idea I forgot my wallet. Really, my bad. Thanks for dinner! It was delish. Call me. Rather, these are quotes from this past Saturday from three… Read more

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: Snowday Edition

I know the vast majority of you slackers called in to work today because of the snow. But for those who manned up and braved the elements, I have four words for you: It’s Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday!!!!!!! 1. I like to challenge myself, so in light of last Thursday’s blog post, I ate 28 eggs… Read more