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3 Unconventional Ways to Move Better

Counting today’s post, four out of my last five entries have had a number included in the title. That’s never happened before. Wanna know what else I’ve never done? Gotten a speeding ticket. Tried calamari. Deadlifted 2000 lbs. Cried to the movie Notting Hill. Nevertheless, in conjunction with Dean Somerset putting his Ruthless Mobility resource… Read more

Strength Starts Here: Breath, Control, Express Badassery

I always enjoy when I have the opportunity to introduce my readers to someone new; coach’s who are “in the trenches,” doing great things, and are well articulate in conveying their message. Ladies and gentlemen I give you Chris Abbott. He’s a coach and gym owner based in Chicago. As it happened, he sent me… Read more

5 Mobility Exercises You’ve Probably Never Done, But Should

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Dean Somerset, who’s excellent new resource, High Tensile Strength, is set to be unleashed today to the masses. It’s a 6-month, semi-custom based training program based on how you move, where you need to work the most, and what your specific goals may be.  Even if you’re trying to… Read more