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Get Your Hips Nice-n-Juicy Prior to Your Lower Body Workout

I know, I know… …most of you reading don’t have enough eye-rolls to give. I mean, I get it: a blog post on warming-up is about as exciting as me writing about breathing drills, how to make kale chips, or, I don’t know, NASCAR. But two things: 1. This post will be short and sweet…. Read more

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Kneeling Overhead Press to Standing

Quick Update:  1. I want to first thank everyone who chimed in on yesterday’s post (as well as sent me personal emails) offering their advice this whole car buying process I’m going through. I’m not one for confrontation, so the whole idea of walking into a car dealership to negotiate a price makes me a… Read more

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Lateral Sled Drags

Going to keep this one brief today, because……….. I’m going on vacation.  Well, that, and my girlfriend is going to kill me when she calls me in a few minutes to check in and realizes I have yet to pack even though our… Read more