21st Century Nutrition and Exercise for Women

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On Sunday, June 29th, we will be hosting a seminar titled 21st Century Nutrition and Exercise for Women at Cressey Performance in Hudson, MA. To say that we’re excited is an understatement.

Cassandra Forsythe, co-author of The New Rules of Lifting for Women, and author of “The Perfect Body Diet,” will be covering topics that are directly targeted for women who want to drastically change their body composition, want to improve athletic performance, or who just want to feel better but don’t know where (or how) to start. More importantly, she will dispel many of the common myths often touted by many of the popular magazines that women often read. Hint: dietary fat doesn’t make you fat, pink dumbbells suck, and George Clooney is actually a dirty pirate hooker.

George Clooney

Eric Cressey, who is the Cressey behind Cressey Performance, has worked with a multitude of female clients/athletes, lectured across the country and around the world, and has authored three books (Maximum Strength being his latest), and two dvd sets (one of which I starred in…..Yay me). In short, he’s kind of a big deal.

Eric will cover such topics as common musculoskeletal injuries women encounter and how to prevent them, programming strategies to help build a strong, functional body that looks great, and information on the latest research regarding resistance and cardiovascular training.

CLICK HERE for further information in regards to signing up. There are limited seats available and they’re filling up fast.

UPDATE: I just looked at the flyer and noticed a few omissions that Kevin, our new intern forgot to add, mainly the addendum that was supposed to be at the bottom of the page. It reads:

Because we all know what it’s like when a group of women get together, the following will be strictly enforced:

1. No quoting lines from any of the following movies; Steel Magnolias, Ghost, The Notebook, or any movie starring John Cusack in the 80’s (except for Better Off Dead…..that’s an awesome movie and needs to be quoted more often. I WANT MY TWO DOLLARS!!!!!!)

Better Off Dead

2. No braiding of each other’s hair will be tolerated at any time.

3. No pillow fights either. Unless a pool full of chocolate pudding is involved. Then it’s totally cool and actually encouraged.

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