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In an effort to increase our web presence (and take over the world), we’ve been making more of a concerted effort to take daily videos of clients getting their lift on at the facility and then posting them up on either our respective websites (CresseyPerformance.com, EricCressey.com, or TonyGentilcore.com) as well as CP’s Twitter account.

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A few weeks ago I shared a video of high school junior, Becca, crushing a set of barbell bridges with 405 lbs, and making every guy within a two mile radius question his manhood.

It was awesome, and the cool part was that I got feedback as far away as Japan where a strength coach showed that video to his track athletes in an effort to motivate them and demonstrate how weak they are.

In keeping with the “girls can lift heavy things, too” theme, today I want to share a video of CP client, Whitney G performing a set of ONE-HAND CHIN-UPS.

This is Whitney’s second off-season training at Cressey Performance.  I say “off-season” because her husband, Tim, who plays in the Cincinnati Reds organization, also trains with us, and is the main impetus behind Whitney coming to CP as well.

Long story short, Whitney loves to be challenged, and it’s always fun to write her programs because:

1.  She’s loves to train, and has really embraced the lifestyle since coming to CP.
2. I can pretty much program anything I want with her. Which is to say, we both get a chuckle out of making Tim feel inferior.  Although, to be fair, Whitney can’t throw 95 MPH.

………I think.

Anyways, she shows up everyday with Tim and trains right alongside 25-30 other professional baseball players – easily holding her own. She’s a huge fan of Jamie Eason, and as such, has been toying around with the possibility of competing in a figure show down the road. For a visual reference, this is Jamie Eason.

Almost daily, Whitney will spout off some random fact about Jamie – to the extent that we now have a running joke around the facility of WWJD (What Would Jamie Do?) –  and then, without breaking a sweat, walk over and crush a set of deadlifts like it ain’t no thang.

I’d argue, however, that the exercise that she excels at the best are chin-up variations. In fact, it’s because of Whitney that many of our other female clients have vowed to improve their chin-up prowess.

1-Hand Chin-Up Pwnage

Whaaaaaaaaaat.  How cool is that?

About the only thing that would be more badass, is if Whitney repelled from a Stealth bomber and scissor kicked a pirate in the throat.

Giving full disclosure: Whitney does have an extensive background in gymnastics, competing until the age of 17 while growing up in Georgia, but that doesn’t negate the fact that she’s doing a set of chin-ups with one freaking arm!!!!

Pretty impressive if you ask me.

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  • NW

    You have to know that you’re going to get a ton of flak for calling those one-arm chin ups.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, indeed. My mistake.

  • Matt

    NH, What would you call them?

    • Assisted (sort of). Usually one-arm chin ups are with the free hand dangling.

      That aside, great display of strength. I was expecting 1 rep when I clicked play and then she knocked out 3 like nothing.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I went a head and made the change to 1-hand chin-up. And, in fact, the video was actually Whitney’s second attempt. Her first set she banged out like six, but the form was a little off, so we did it again. AFTER doing four sets of bench presses beforehand.

    • Jeremy

      I’d go with “one handed chin up”, as explained here: http://beastskills.com/tutorials/tutorials/51
      Still pretty badass though.

  • SS

    As a woman I’m really curious to know Whitney trains chin ups and pull ups. I have an okay strength base (I can crank out 8 neutral grip pull ups max) but I’ve been stuck on this for awhile and I’m looking to make big improvements.

    • Anonymous

      Busting out eight chins is pretty impressive! If you’d like to crank out more, I’d suggest perform FOUR reps 5-6 times per day for a straight month. I can guarantee by the end, you’ll easily bang out 10+. Basically, if you want to get better at chins, you need to do chins – albeit with a submaximal load (to help groove solid technique).

      I actually plan on doing a video blog soon on how I progress women towards ONE chin-up. But I’ll definitely hit on some progressions as well.

      • SS

        Thank you Tony. I look forward to the video blog.

  • Lars Krogstad

    correction: Becca made me question my masculinity in Oslo, Norway. So she made guys within a 3500 miles radius question their masculinity. (At least)

    Soo glad to see intermittent fasting on this site. I was thinking of suggesting it to you when it came time to lean up, but I know how much Tony<3Breakfast. Hopefully this will open the door a little

    • Anonymous

      Can’t say I’ll go out of my way to try it. I honestly don’t feel it would work well for me considering how much I love breakfast, and the fact that I’m on my feet everyday coaching.

      Nonetheless, I do think the science behind it is pretty interesting, and when done correctly, can be very beneficial for a lot of people. I hope everyone who checks it out, enjoys it!

      • I’d just mention that as far as skipping breakfast (which I love) goes, it’s not “skipping” so much as pushing it back.

        I have some eggs and toast at about 3pm, after my high carp PWO meal. It’s pretty baller.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, maybe at some point this year I’ll give it go. My days start around 6 AM, train at 10, and then I’m coaching the rest of the day. I’ll have to sit down and see if it’s feasible to pull off.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, maybe at some point this year I’ll give it go. My days start around 6 AM, train at 10, and then I’m coaching the rest of the day. I’ll have to sit down and see if it’s feasible to pull off.

  • Nick

    Not a 1 arm chin up, its a 1 hand chin up. Let go with your other arm and its a 1 arm chin up.

    Not trying to be an pain, that’s pretty awesome Whitney.

  • R Smith

    Who CARES what the hayell they are called? They are totally Bad!Ass!

    • Anonymous

      I’m with Ronell on this one. Either way, I made the correction.

  • That’s RIDICULOUS. I’ve been meaning to try some weighted singles to increase my chin ups and pull ups but keep chickening out. I’m going to give the one handed version a shot tonight. It will most likely result in my hanging there like a monkey, but I am going to try regardless

    • Anonymous

      HA! Sooooooo, how did it go?

      • I hung there like a monkey, weak and silly looking. HAHAHA

  • Kennet Waale

    I literally don’t care, I’ve seen her in real life and she’s a freaking bad-ass! I bet she can do more 1-hand chin-ups than the average man 😉
    Good job Whitney, keep it rolling !