Monthly Archives: November 2007

Head, Shoulders, Knees Over Toes

Myth: The knees should never project ahead of the toes during any exercise. In a study titled, “How many clueless aerobic instructors and personal trainers still follow this archaic nonsense,” done by The Journal of Stupidity, it was shown that a vast majority of fitness professionals still believe the above myth to be true. Matter… Read more

Quote of the Day

Recently at Cressey Performance, we started a “Quote of the Day” board. They range from anything inspirational: “The only time success comes before work is the dictionary,” (from legendary football coach Vince Lombardi) to motivating: “There’s two things female athletes need; balls and hamstrings. And since girls don’t have balls, they need more hamstrings,” (Eric… Read more

Strength Training for Endurance Athletes

The link below is an interview I did a few months ago for John Kuhlman regarding endurance athletes (or anyone who is a recreational jogger, biker, etc) and their reluctance to include more strength training into their programming. Lets face it, you’re more likely to find the Abominable Snowman making snow angels in your backyard… Read more

Girl Power

Meet Audrey. Audrey is a wife and loving mother, and due to client/trainer confidentiality, I cannot reveal her age (Read: I’d have better odds winning a fight against a rabid black bear than I would surviving the wrath of revealing her age). Like many women, Audrey wants to get into shape. Unlike most women, Audrey… Read more

The Truth About Steak

Fat (specifically saturated fat) has long been the evil step sister of the dietary world. Thankfully we have people like Jeff Volek (author of the TNT Diet) to help dispel many of these common myths. Lets take a gander at some not so well known facts concerning saturated fat: 1. Replacing carbohydrates with saturated fats-or… Read more