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Over the weekend, my girlfriend and I were in Maine celebrating my birthday. Since my birthday is considered a state wide holiday up there, it was a weekend to remember. Lets just put it this way, if being awesome was like having the lamest line in Star Wars history (“Noooooooooooooooooooo!!”), then this past weekend would be Darth Vader.

Nonetheless, it was a spectacular weekend. While we did indulge ourselves with eating out at nice restaurants (desserts included), we didn’t use the entire weekend as an excuse to OVER indulge ourselves with two days worth of gluttony.

We made it a point to stay at a place we knew would have a kitchen in their units so that we could make our own meals when we wanted. Granted it’s a bit more expensive then staying in a regular hotel room, but in my opinion, it’s a cost that’s well worth it. In doing so we were able to stock our fridge with fresh fruit/veggies, cottage cheese, yogurt, mixed nuts, and eggs from the local grocery store. Matter of fact, grocery shopping was one of the first things we did when we arrived in Maine. As luck would have it, the store we were in was having a wine tasting that evening. Score!

We also made sure to scope out where the local gyms were located. Even though we were on “vacation,” we were still able to get one good training session in. Nothing spells “weekend getaway” then a heavy deadlift session on a Saturday morning.

Long story short, many people tend to use extended vacations or even short weekend getaways (like the one above) as an excuse to eat like crap and/or slack on their exercise routine. No one is saying that you can’t live a little and indulge a bit. In the grand scheme of things that’s what vacations are for. But I think it’s a major cop out when people try to make excuses and attempt to justify eating at the buffet three times per day because they didn’t plan ahead.

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