Curls for the Girls

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I figured I would start this week off with a video that was sent to me by James who happens to be a friend of mine from Australia.

If you’re like me, you just felt a sudden urge to bash your head through your computer screen after watching that. I’d like to congratulate James. Just for sending me that video, you became the honorary member of my list of people whom have a date with my sling shot . I made extra special ammo for it just last night: anthrax pellets. That’s how I roll, mate!

Which is worse? The two nimrods in this video actually thinking this is badass and worthwhile (props for having Wu-Tang playing in the background) or having a case of explosive diarrhea? Hint: neither, it’s a trick question. HA! My vote goes towards the woman in the background walking away shaking her head. I mean seriously. If this guy wanted to really impress girls, the least he could do is take those gloves off. Or, I don’t know, balance a puppy on his head. Chicks love puppies. Unless it’s a Poodle. No one likes Poodles. I’m pretty sure growing a Hitler “stash” would get you more chicks than walking around with a poodle.


Nevertheless, from a cost/benefit standpoint, this exercise is a complete waste of time. While there will be many who will tout this exercise as a great way to train the core stabilizers……so what! It will also make you weaker than a wet paper towel; not to mention the safety factor. If you want bigger biceps, do more rows and pull-ups. If you want a stronger core, do more push-ups. All give you much more bang for your training buck, and all can be done on a stable surface where you won’t run the risk of people laughing at you.

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