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You’re at work right now sitting in front of your computer trying to look busy. You spent the morning checking out chicks on Facebook and afterwards you finally achieved level 6 rogue status on World Warcraft which means you can finally increase the damage of your next spell and use your Mystic Knight, who coincidentally, has an invisible cloak+1. I have no idea what that means, but I’m about 90% sure girls are totally going to want to hang out with you now. Fist pump!

So now it’s mid-afternoon and you’re supposed to be working on those TPS Reports. However you just received a Google alert from all the blogs that you subscribe to, and now it’s time to get caught up. Today’s blog is exciting because we officially launched the Cressey Performance website. Check it out:

I have to say that the site is pretty bad ass. Although, I’m kinda miffed. My bio was supposed to include the fact that I speak two languages; English and Ewok. Sorry ladies, I’m already taken.

Nonetheless, check out the site and spread the word.

Note: No, we won’t stoop so low as to include pictures of Jessica Alba in a bathing suit to increase site traffic. How unprofessional do you think we are? She’s pregnant and engaged for crying out loud. Jessica Biel is fair game though.

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