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I was going to discuss the finer points of glycolysis today, and how in cells that lack mitochondria, such as the erythrocyte, the pathway of glycolysis is the sole provider of ATP by the mechanism of substrate-level phosphorylation of ADP. But no one is paying attention to the words I’m writing because OH MY GOD DAVID COOK WON AMERICAN IDOL LAST NIGHT! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!***

Here’s hoping that the country can finally get back to normal and pay more attention to the issues that really matter. You know, like inflating gas prices, health care reform, rising cost of food, and OH MY GOD THE NEW INDIANA JONES MOVIE OPENS TODAY!!11!! War? In Iraq? Huh? TANKS! THIS MOVIE HAS TANKS!

***Know what else I can’t believe? After watching Carrie Underwood perform on last night’s season finale, I can’t believe that she has never made my top ten list of celebrities to stalk.

Congrats Carrie! Your first hand written letter made out of glitter paint and my own blood should be in the mail later today. Toodles!

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