Training vs. Talent

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Just wanted to pass along a really great article written by Paul Caldwell titled, “Training Versus Talent.” In short, Paul states:

Over the course of working with hundreds of clients from different backgrounds and sports, I’ve noticed a disturbing phenomenon. I’ve become even more aware of this phenomenon since I started scouting and training athletes. More often than not, the “talented” players don’t put forth a fraction of the training effort that their less talented counterparts do.

I couldn’t agree more with this assertion. Every week at CP, we get new athletes who walk through the doors who are often the athletic stars of their respective school. A fraction of them believe, falsely, that they can “get by” with talent alone. For whatever reason, they feel that because they’re already fast or strong (relative to their competition), that they don’t have to train hard (if at all).

For these athletes, I kindly show them our CP high school leaderboard where they’re shocked to find out that they wouldn’t even make the top 13 in any category (front squat max, 3 rep chin-up max, broad jump, vertical jump). Matter of fact, I also point out that there’s a 97 lb teenage girl in Texas who is warming up with their max.

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If given the choice between athlete A, who has been named to countless all-star teams (but has a piss poor work ethic) and athlete B, who may not be quite as talented (but has the work ethic of an ox), I’d prefer to coach athlete B every time. Of course, all of this is pointless if said athlete happens to be former Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard.

In this case, I’d definitely prefer to coach her. And by “coach” what I really mean is offer to dry her back off for her. What can I say, I’m a philanthropist.

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