Seminar Reminder (With Grizzly Bears)

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Just a reminder that we’re hosting a seminar this weekend at Cressey Performance, in Hudson, MA titled 21st Century Nutrition and Exercise for Women. Seats are still available and we’re anticipating a great turn-out to listen to Cassandra Forsythe and Eric Cressey speak on many of the myths dealing with women and their attitudes towards fitness.

Case in point-from

Sure, her arms are super-toned, but Madonna doesn’t bench her weight to get them. She never touches a dumbbell over 3 lbs. “I like definition – not bulk,” says her trainer Tracy Anderson, who shuns heavier weights while working out with the singer. Instead, she has her do “up to 100 reps on each side” of moves like arm raises, pulses, circles and shoulder presses.

What. The. F***.

This is why I’m encouraging women (or trainers who train a lot of women) to attend the seminar this weekend. It’s because of magazines like People and trainers like Tracy Anderson, while having her own niche and biases towards fitness (she comes from a dance/pilates background), which is fine, who continue to spew out archaic nonsense, such as lifting appreciable weight will make you “big and bulky.” When will it ever end?

While some people will look at the picture above and think to themselves, “wow, she’s over 50 years old and has arms like that?” I look at the same picture and think to myself, “who let Skeletor out of Greyskull?”


Listen, Madonna looks fantastic for someone her age. However, lets be honest–it’s not because she performs 100 reps with her pink dumbbells. She’s a celebrity and has everything handed to her on a silver platter: trainer, meals made for her, cosmetic amenities, nutritional coaching, etc. If every woman had her resources, I’m sure they would look pretty good too.

That being said, do yourself a favor and try to attend this weekend’s seminar. We’re hoping that it will open people’s eyes to the many fallacies and downright absurd commentary offered by the mainstream magazines geared towards women. And Tracy Anderson, if you’re reading this, you have a comped seat, which coincidentally, is located next to our pet grizzly bear, Henry. Pay no mind to the raw steak located underneath the chair. It’s just a decoration. Yes, that’s it, a decoration. *Strokes beard*

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