“No Woman Should Lift More Than 3 Lbs.” In Other News: Boston Based Strength Coach/Trainer Just Went Postal.

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I try not to make it my business to call out other professionals in the industry, but sometimes I come across something so “vomit-in-my-mouthish,” that I can’t help myself from laying down a little um, smackdown. Does that even make sense? Who cares, I’m pissed. ARRRRRRGGG!

There’s a certain celebrity trainer (Spoiler Alert: Tracy Anderson) who in her evil scheme to populate this world with an army of Skeletor look-a-likes, thinks that no woman should ever lift a weight over three lbs.

If you don’t believe me, click the link below for the full story which includes a video clip of said atrocity.


Tracy Anderson Is the Exercise Genius of Our Time

*Side Note: before anyone gives me flack for linking you to Oprah’s website, just know that a friend sent me the link. There’s only one condition, and one condition only where I would visit that site by choice. And that’s if Oprah ever decided to have an entire month dedicated to the beauty that is Jessica Simpson’s breasts. Two words: slide show. Still waiting, Oprah? Do it for the children.


I love how Gwyneth Paltrow (whom Tracy trains) mentions in the story that “I work freakin hard.” Hard in this sense means training in an 80 degree room using AIR as resistance. No, I am not kidding. I can only imagine how brutal the workout gets once Tracy busts out the paperclips.

Come on ladies, do you really believe this nonsense? Does it not piss you off? I’m pretty sure if she were still alive today, Susan B. Anthony would shit a pink dumbbell if she knew there were women still walking around with this “I’m a frail, delicate creature” mentality.

And while I’m basically beating a dead horse in saying this, lifting heavy WILL NOT make you big and bulky. Case in point:

Olympic Bobsled hopeful Bree Boyer close grip benching 135 lbs for reps. Still looks like a girl.

Olympic track hopeful Tiana Riel performing pull-ups for reps with a 10 lbs vest on. Still looks like a girl. Matter of fact she just signed a modeling contract with a local agency. Sorry fellas, she’s taken. Just to be clear, you wouldn’t have had a shot in hell anyways.

And before people start making the “well those are athletes, of course they need to lift heavy weights” comments, let me introduce you to Anna Sleeper; soon-to-be the greater Boston area’s strongest eye doctor. Here she’s doing 225 lbs for reps AFTER she completed her entire training session. Guess what? She doesn’t look bulky.

And here’s Deb DiRocco (she’ll castrate me if I reveal her age), mother of two and a true bad-ass:

Nancy LeBlanc, pushing the sled:

Michelle Elwell, actually not swearing like a sailor at the moment as she completes her lunges:

And lets not forget Tina and Steph as well.

All are great examples of women who work their tails off and don’t succumb to the notion that women can’t (or shouldn’t) lift appreciable weights. Wait for it, wait, wait……………………..and…………………BOOM goes the dynamite.

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