Monthly Archives: October 2008

Making Stuff Up. A Personal Trainer’s Best Friend. BOSU Ball Jealous.

Q: I was doing my stuff at the gym the other morning, and a woman who is a trainer there, saw me doing reverse lunges. She came over to me and said that when I do my lunge, not to let my knee touch the ground, that it should be just above the ground. “This… Read more

Me=The Roy Hobbs of Adult Baseball

As some of you may know, I decided to pull a “Roy Hobbs,” this summer and basically make a pseudo comeback to play in the Metro-West Adult Baseball (over-30) League, for the Framingham Orioles. This was the first summer since 2003 that I played in any organized baseball league, and to be honest, it was… Read more

“No Woman Should Lift More Than 3 Lbs.” In Other News: Boston Based Strength Coach/Trainer Just Went Postal.

I try not to make it my business to call out other professionals in the industry, but sometimes I come across something so “vomit-in-my-mouthish,” that I can’t help myself from laying down a little um, smackdown. Does that even make sense? Who cares, I’m pissed. ARRRRRRGGG! There’s a certain celebrity trainer (Spoiler Alert: Tracy Anderson)… Read more