Celebrity Trainers Are Smart……

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LMAO!!!!! Okay, you’re right. To say that a celebrity trainer is smart is like saying a donkey can do calculus. What was I thinking?

Answer: deciding whether or not the girl in the video is cute. I’m up in the air. On one hand that airbrushed picture of her at the end of the video did bring her from a 6 to like a 6.2. But on the other hand, she opened up her mouth. Dammit!!! Seriously though, was I the only one that wanted to stab myself in the face until I fell into coma with that nauseating playful banter of how “Nelly likes to show off his toned, ripped abs and grillz” dialog?

What’s worse is that because this is Nelly’s favorite ab exercise (which apparently means something, OMG!!!!), people are totally going to jump on the band wagon expecting that the worst ab exercise ever will elicit a slim waistline or six-pack. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep (Tony goes into coma).

UPDATE (10 minutes later): *wakes up, turns on television* Amy Winehouse says the secret to a higher metabolism is crack. Well, if she says so…………….(beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep).

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