Exercises You Should Be Doing: The Rainbow Deadlift

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Short and sweet today. Here’s one of my new favorite exercises. Not the most manly sounding exercise, I know. Unfortunately Kitten Tears Deadlift and Puppy Dog Kisses Deadlift were already taken.

What Is It: The Rainbow Deadlift

Who Did I Steal It From: Nick Tumminello (who coincidentally just released a really great dvd two weeks ago which I will be reviewing here in the near future). Trust me, you’ll love it.

What Does It Do: It kicks your ass, that’s what it does!

Key Coaching Cues: For those who don’t have access to a landmine (as shown in the video), you can certainly just set up a standard barbell in the corner somewhere. Or better yet, just set up shop in a powerrack or squat rack. Any reason to kick the douchehole’s doing their arm curls out of the way is cool with me.

  • As always, keep that chin tucked while maintaining a “tall” chest.
  • Shoulder blades should be retracted, and you should keep proper spinal alignment throughout (ie: no rounding).
  • You can do this exercise one of two ways. 1). For time, which if that’s the case, sets of 30 seconds will be more than enough. Or 2). my preferred method, sets/reps. I like to shoot for 3-4 sets of 5-6 reps per side.

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