One Man, One Mission: To Blog Everyday This Week- Even If This Post Goes Up After Most People Have Left Work Already

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First off, I want to thank the handful of people who took time out of their 18th update on Facebook work day to remind me to blog today. I’m actually not at CP at the moment. Instead, I took the day off and filled it with all sorts of fun activities, such as catching up on client emails, listening to the latest episode of In the Trenches Fitness, doing some grocery shopping, deadlifting 500 lbs for a double…..twice, taking my car to the car wash, and watching episodes of The Deadliest Warrior on Spike tv. It’s pretty much the greatest show ever invented. You know, besides Charles in Charge of course. Yep, you know you watched it too back in the day. Don’t even try to pretend that you didn’t cut out every Nicole Eggert picture you could find from your sister’s Teen Beat magazine stash and plaster them all over your bedroom walls. We’ve all been there, dude. Just admit it. It’s okay.

Anyways, after having watched a few episodes, I can’t help but wonder- “who would win in a battle royale between William Wallace, an F-16 fighter jet, Swine Flu, and my abs?” Discuss…….

Secondly, here’s reason # infinity on why CP is more bad-ass than your gym:

How much do you deadlift?

The quote above was taken from a conversation/smack talking session between two of our high school baseball players while they were training yesterday. Almost brings a tear to my eye.

Lastly, anyone who reads my blog or articles, knows how much I like to preach the importance of training environment. In short, surround yourself with like minded individuals who will not only push you, but also hold you accountable (i.e. call you a girly man when you miss a lift), and the likelihood that you’ll get leaner, stronger, faster (or whatever your goals may be) increases ten-fold. As such, every few months we get a fresh batch of interns that make their way to CP to not only learn as much as they can, but to also experience hands on, individualized coaching with a variety of clientele ranging from professional athletes to general fat-loss clients. Not coincidentally, all of our interns get a helluva lot stronger during their stay.

Take for instance, Roger (who you may already know from is hazing earlier this summer). When he started with us back in June, Roger’s best bench press was 275 lbs. Here he making a smoke show of 300 lbs:

And here’s 315 for the heck of it:

That’s a 40 lb PR in a matter of three months. Nice work Roger! This DEFINITELY “ain’t no game” (sorry, inside joke everyone). Somewhere out there, Kevin Larrabee’s ego just got pwned.


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