Grass Fed Beef, Kids Don’t Eat Veggies (shocker), and a Little Old School Flavor

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Why Grass Fed? A Little History–

A client of mine sent this my way this morning, and it definitely provides a strong case for why grass fed beef is far superior to the crap we usually eat (literally).

9 in 10 Guys Will Inevitably Breakup With Their Girlfriends This Weekend For Dragging Them To See Twilight: New Moon Teens Fall Short On Fruits and Vegetables– Mike Reinold posted this article in his weekly newsletter, and I thought I’d pass it along. If nothing else, it just goes to show that we have no one to blame but ourselves.

“This is a call for states, communities, schools and families to support increased fruit and vegetable consumption,” said Heidi Blanck, a CDC senior scientist who worked on the report.

Okay, cool. Then how bout we start with telling people what an actual serving constitutes? Sorry, but a vast majority of people still think that the one leaf of baby spinach they place on their Whopper counts. Or, I don’t know, here’s a novel idea- replace the vending machines in schools with healthier options. Easier said than done, I know.

Heck, even something as simple as placing the fresh fruit on the top shelf in the cafeteria (as opposed to the end of the line) has been shown to increase consumption. Jesus, I should just run the country. I’d get shit done. Namely making it National policy that Alessandra Ambrosio should change her name to Alessandra Gentilcore.

Exotic Juice Health Claims Pulp Fiction?– Bryan Smith

Yet another article I stole from Mike Reinold, which sheds some light on the phenomena of acai juice. Lets put it this way, most people can’t pronounce acai (ah-sigh-EE) the right way, let alone understand that it’s drastically overrated.

Pendulum Training– Christian Thibaudeau

Here’s an old school article that Thib’s wrote a few years back that I still think is fantastic.

NOTE: A crew of roughly 30 people from CP are headed to Twin River Casino in Rhode Island tonight for the Autumn Classic to cheer on fellow CP client Danny O’Connor as he tries to run his professional boxing record to 10-0. Good luck Danny!

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