Happy Thanksgiving. Even Though 25% Of My Readership Doesn’t Even Celebrate It.

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Tomorrow marks the Second Annual Cressey Performance Thanksgiving Morning Lift. All of last year’s inaugural cast will be in attendance, along with several other new people who have no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into. All in all, we’re expecting upwards of 20-25 people to arrive at 8AM for the sole purpose of lifting heavy things off the ground and stealing the lunch money from all the Turkey Trotters running past the facility. Or, if your name happens to be Tony Gentilcore, perform every bicep curl variation known to man until your arms are the size of Kansas. True story.

In any case, I’m headed back home to New York for the rest of the week to spend time with family. As such, I won’t be updating the blog for the rest of the week, but hope to be back Monday firing on all cylinders. I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and to please try not to kill one another on Black Friday. It’s just a dvd player for crying out loud.

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