Deadlifting Funnies, Fails and Blunders. AKA: Just Another Day at Gold’s

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One of my clients sent me this link yesterday, and I thought I’d pass it along to all of you. I’ve watched it twice already, and I’m fighting off the urge to go wash my eyes out with bleach. Not to mention my spine is over in the corner in the fetal position, sucking its’ thumb. Poor guy is terrified!

All I have to say is that kid at the 3:28 mark is my new idol. I mean most kids his age are high fiving each other because they went pee-pee all by themselves, or I don’t know, counted to ten. But not this kid. Nope, he’s deadlifting like a bat out of hell, and taking names. Awesome.

NOTE: I hope the judge gave him a light on that lift, because he didn’t lock it out. Just sayin…….

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