Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: NESN, Black Swan, and Light Sabers

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Big (and early) day at Cressey Performance today: NESN (New England Sports Network) is coming in this morning with their cameras to film a story on how we train all of our pro-baseball guys. Should be pretty exciting and it’s going to be great exposure for us.

As such, going to keep it brief today and just use this as a miscellaneous post.

1. Our resident chiropractor/manual therapist, Nate Tiplady, sent me this pretty cool website detailing which supplements are worth while, and which ones are more along the lines of snake oil, foo-foo, bullshit.

Check it out HERE.

2. One of my clients posted this picture on my Facebook page, and I think it speaks volumes at the state of our society when 5XL t-shirts are sold out before larges.

Or, smediums in my case.

3. To me, one sign of a great movie, among other things,* is whether or not you’re still thinking about it hours after the fact. Yesterday, my girlfriend and I went and saw Black Swan (i.e., also known as the movie where Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis make-out), and I have to say, it was pretty, pretty, preeeeeeeeety messed up.

Afterwards, we went to dinner and couldn’t help but talk about certain parts. I can see how this is the type of movie that people either hate or love; but in my case, I absolutely loved it. Portman was stunning, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she walks away with a Best Actress award this season. Likewise, the director, Darren Aronofsky, should get some recognition (finally) and get a few nominations as well.

4. Someone sent me THIS link to a NY Times article discussing how higher-end gyms such as Equinox are opening up bare-bones, low cost gyms that include no trainers, no classes, and apparently no regard what-so-ever on actually helping people get healthier.

I don’t know, I look at places like Planet Fitness which post signs reading “no deadlifts allowed,” and places like the one above, and can’t help but think how much of a disconnect there is in this industry.

5. And lastly, I just started reading a really cool book last week titled Physics of the Impossible.

In it, the author discusses whether or not things we see in the science fiction world (Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Fringe, etc) can actually be accomplished in today’s world. You know, things like teleportation, Death Stars, Light Sabers, psychokinesis, and whether or not Kevin Larrabee will ever bench 300 lbs.

It’s a really interesting read, and I highly suggest it for those who are uber geeks (like myself).

* Other Things: boobies, nunchucks, zombies, and of course, Matt Damon.

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