Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: 3/28/2011

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1.   For those of you who missed it, I HIGHLY suggest you click HERE and get caught up on all the shenanigans that took place over the weekend.

———> WATCH THIS <———-

Go a head, I’ll wait

So, about five weeks ago, Stevo contacted us at Cressey Performance saying how he and his girlfriend (Kelsey) were planning on making a trip to Boston sometime this fall, and that they would love to stop by the facility to check things out, talk some shop, and maybe get a lift in.  Cool – no biggie.

However, Stevo also mentioned that both he ad Kelsey were hoping to be married this fall and that he had yet to propose to her, and he was wondering if either myself or Eric would get involved.

I called dibs, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Steve and I exchanged several e-mails throughout the whole process, and talked on the phone last week to finalize everything and come up with a sweet game plan.  All I had to do was write the blog post, and post it by 8:15 Saturday morning.

I wrote the e-mail Friday night and pressed save like 49 times.    Come Saturday morning, I was one nervous wreck (I can’t imagine what Stevo was going through) – I woke up at 5 AM and all I could think about was what could go wrong:

  • Will my computer crash?
  • What happens if the internet isn’t working?
  • What if I’m abducted by aliens and can’t post the blog in time?
  • What if she says no?
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Suffice it to say, everything went exactly according to plan.  She arrived for her Saturday morning workout, when one of the other coaches at Stevo’s gym said “hey Kelsey, you HAVE to check out Tony’s blog today……….

Long story short, she said yes, and I couldn’t be happier for the two of them.

Here’s a shot of when Stevo actually proposed

And here’s a picture of the couple later that day prior to dinner:

See you both in the Fall!!!

2.  In keeping with the good news vibe, a HUGE congratulations goes out to CP client, Tim Collins, who was officially named to the Opening Day roster for the Kansas City Royals yesterday.

Tim walked through the doors of Cressey Performance back in the fall of 2007 as an un-drafted, 138 lb, left-handed relief pitcher out of high school.  He worked his butt off, did his thing, and now, three and a half years later he’s a big leauger.  I couldn’t be happier for him, and I can’t wait to give him a man hug when I see him at Fenway.

3.  I was talking with one of our clients the other day (who happens to be a board certified Chiropractic Neurologist), and he mentioned in passing that he recently read a study that eating a 1/4 cup of broccoli everyday reduced one’s risk of diabtetes by something like 14%.  To put that into perspective, 1/4 cup is like two small spears.  That’s it.  It just goes to show that if you put forth just liiiiiiiiiiiitle bit of effort, and put down the Snickers bar, you can make drastic changes to your health.

4.  HA!  Someone sent me this link on Facebook with the title:  Does anybody else see a problem here (as in – WTF what this guy thinking)?

i don’t know which is funnier:  the fact that the guy who actually posted this video thought this was impeccable form, or the guy in the background around the 1:20 mark who deemed this bad-ass enough to film on his iPhone.

5.  So yesterday I’m sitting on the couch reading my Robet Ludlum book when my girlfriend, Lisa, says “you ready to go get something to eat?”  “Does Dolly Parton sleep on her back?  Of course, I’m ready to go eat,” I reply.

“Okay, cool.  All I need is like five minutes to finish my lecture for class, and we’ll go.”

And then it happened……….

While looking for a ying/yang picture for her lecture, she ended up clicking on a link that contained a virus (System Defender to be exact) and all hell broke loose.

Roughly four hours later, we managed to finally contain it and “fingers crossed” get rid of it.  But it got me thinking  [EAR MUFFS ALERT]

Who ever designed that virus is a goat-fucking, piece of shit, assbag.  There, I feel better now.

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