The Death of Personal Training – Alwyn Cosgrove

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Today I want to let everyone know about a pretty kick-ass (read:  awesome) webinar that Alwyn Cosgrove is going to be hosting titled The Death of Personal Training.  Believe me, as someone who started out as a personal trainer – and admittedly struggled – it’s stuff like this that really I wish I had the opportunity to take advantage of back in the day.

Lets just say that when I first same into this industry my strongsuit wasn’t the part where I had to ask for money for my services.  It still isn’t to be honest.  In fact, if I had to describe it, whenever the topic of money came up I’d say it resembled one of those scenes in a cheesy PG-13 movie.  You know, where the shy guy stands there with his hands behind his back, looking down at the ground, shuffling the floor with his feet, while asking the hot girl out to prom?

Yeah, that was me.  Everytime I had to ask a client whether he or she wanted to re-up one of their packages it was just Awkwardsville, USA, complete with crickets chirpping, tumbleweeds blowing, and an otherwise uncomfortable silence.

Of course, over time, I got better – and less awkward (for the most part), but it sure would have been a tremendous help to have someone like Alwyn showing me the ropes back then.

What’s more, the industry itself is constantly changing.  Is one-on-one training the way to go or is semi-private training more advantageous?  What’s the best way to develop leads?  How about retaining clients?  Is it a good idea to discount your services?  And, what about referall bonuses – yay or nay?   As a personal trainer, YOU ARE a business (even if you work in a commercial gym), and if you’re not taking the proper steps to stay on top of things in terms of building your brand, sadly, it’s going to be an arduous climb to the top.

Nevertheless, I HIGHLY encourage you to sign-up for Alwyn’s (FREE) webinar, which is going down this Monday, August 22nd at 8 PM EST.  I’m not sure how many spots Alwyn has allotted for this event, so even if you have one inkling of interest, I’d jump on that train as soon as possible.   A word of caution, though: make sure to bring your umbrella, because it’s going to rain nothing but cold, hard truths spit your way.  In a Scottish accent no less!

Click HERE to learn more.

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  • Andy

    I definitely read that title too quickly and thought Alwyn Cosgrove had died. Had an "oh $#@!" moment and then realized I'm an idiot. Anyway, the webinar sounds great, will definitely try to check it out.

    August 17, 2011 at 9:42 am | Reply to this comment

  • Tony Gentilcore

    Andy - WHOA, sorry I almost gave you a heart attack. I should have worded the title differently!

    August 18, 2011 at 4:18 am | Reply to this comment

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