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It’s been a few weeks in the making, and I’ve been talking about it for what seems like forever (and yes, I’m purposely NOT talking about the Pats losing last night), but for those who are regular visitors to this site you probably noticed a few changes when you logged on today.  Whoot! Whoot!

Pretty sweet, huh?

I don’t know about you, but seeing how baller the site looks now, all I can do is keep re-playing the chorus line from Drake’s Fancy over and over in my head:

Go, go, go, go, go, go ‘head
Go, go, go, go, go, go ‘head

Oh, you fancy, huh?
Oh, you fancy, huh?
Oh, you fancy, huh?
Oh, you fancy, huh?

Nail done, hair done
Everything did
Nails done, hair done
Everything did

First, and the most obvious upgrade: that’s me to the right doing my best Mr. Clean impersonation. Granted, I’m not wearing an all white outfit, and I’m definitely not wearing an earring, but I feel the picture is a huge improvement from what I had on the site originally.  A huge thank you goes out to Kim Lloyd for rendering her services and providing all the kick-ass photography – including THIS pic.

Secondly, one of the main points I wanted to hit on was upgrading the social media so that it would be more accessible to the masses.  To that end, you’ll notice a ‘static’ tab to the left that has links to my Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, RSS, and StumbleUpon pages.

HINT:  you should click on them.

In addition, I also added a blog archive that links to every post from the past year categorized by month.  You can still access posts from previous years, too (by clicking the pages buttons at the bottom), but the archive box provides easy access to the past year’s posts.  What’s more, I also added a “Tony’s Favorites” section that links to some of my favs (old and new).

HINT:  you should click on those as well (especially if you’re new to the site).

If you have a real good eye, aesthetically, you may have noticed I had the guys over at Copter Labs get rid of the “grid-like” lines that served as the background to the site.  Now it’s just a solid white background which should make reading a little easier.  You’re welcome.

Above all, if you look to the right – underneath my biceps – you’ll see a section titled Get All the Updates.

Which, to put it another way, means……….

Someone Got a Newsletter!!!!

This is dedicated to Eric Cressey, Kevin Neeld, Jim Smith, and many others who have been hounding me to step into the 21st Century for the past year.

Pigs are now flying.

I’d be very appreciative if you signed up for it. I promise I won’t spam you and stuff.  Instead, for now, I’ll just send updates of what’s going on: schedule of speaking engagements, articles of mine that are published elsewhere, weekly blog reviews, what I had for dinner last night, you know, important things.

And that’s about it. In an ideal world, I’d somehow figure out a way to make it so that a Velociraptor would jump out and rip the page in half with its claws each time someone clicked on a page.  But I was told that that would have been a bit over the top.  A guy can dream, right?

Nonetheless, I hope you like the changes and would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Feedback welcome.

PS:  Seriously, sign up for my newsletter. Before I cry.

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