Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: Best Diet?, Dieting Gurus, and Tips to be a Better Person

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It  finally feels like summer here in Boston.  Last week at this time it was 50 degrees outside, and I was wearing sweatpants to work. It could have been worse, though. On Memorial Day – which was earlier this week – there were people up in Vermont and in the Adirondack region in Upstate NY digging out of two-feet of snow.  A week before June!  Crazy.

I’ll take 50 degrees over two feet of snow any day.

Nonetheless, yesterday was the first 90+ degree day in Boston and it was glorious. I happened to have the day off from work so I was able kick back a bit and enjoy it putting in some quality time reading outside and rocking the early stages of a farmer’s tan.

Today is a bit hectic only in the sense that Lisa and I are hosting a girl from Colombia for the next three weeks, so I was placed on apartment cleaning duties for most of the morning.  And let me just say I can Swiffer like no one’s business!

To give a bit of the back story: Around two years ago Lisa made the trek to Colombia as part of a youth sports development initiative through one of the higher academic institutions here in Boston.  She stayed with a host family for ten days in Medellin and was immersed in their culture while visiting various sport/club groups and institutions in and around the city to see if she could offer any feedback as to how to make things run more smoothly.

Lisa fell in love with her host family, and likewise them with her. They’ve corresponded throughout the years and their oldest daughter, Christina, who’s expressed an interest in journalism, is coming to Boston for three weeks to stay with us as she completes a pseudo “internship” at a local latino based publication in the downtown area.

Lisa jokingly mentioned to me yesterday that “I’m so excited, we’re going to have a teenager for three weeks!”  To which I replied, “no boys”

Totally kidding.

But I’m not.

Anyways, I need to get back to cleaning.  So, here’s some stuff I think you should check out:

What’s the Best Diet? – Dr. John Berardi & Company

Paleo? Vegan? Low Carb? High Carb? Intermittent Fasting? The Unicorn Tears Diet?  Which is best?  Which is a fad?

There’s no shortage of diet “groups” out there, and likewise, there’s no shortage of people walking around wondering what the hell it is they’re supposed to eat.  One week eggs are the bees knees.  The next, they’re worse than Hitler.

In this excellent article by Dr. Berardi and the peeps over at Precision Nutrition, they lay it down like this:

I don’t believe there’s a single, absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt best diet for every person to follow, always, and forever.

How Your Diet Coach Is Ruining Your Metabolism – Jen Comas Keck

Running with the same theme as above, in this article Jen discussing an alarming, often popular tactic used by many online “diet gurus” that’s just flat out asinine.

That’s all I’m going to give you.  You’ll just have to click on the article to find out.

45 Things I Have Learned in 45 Years – Dr. Perry Nickelston

Some of you may remember an interview I did around this time last year on Dr. Nickelston’s popular Podcast Stop Chasing Pain.

You can listen to it HERE.

For those who aren’t familiar with the good Doc, he’s easily one of the most passionate people I’ve ever met and he’s someone whom I respect a lot.

He’s obviously learned a lot throughout the years, and this article, while not completely fitness related, offers a gulf of sage advice that will just make you a better human being in general.

Did what you just read make your day? Ruin it? Either way, you should share it with your friends and/or comment below.

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