Training Tails: Build the Body You Want, Save a Puppy

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I’ve always been an animal lover.  Growing up as a kid I spent a lot of time with my dog, Daisy.  We did everything together.  She’d follow me back and forth in the side yard as I hit a baseball from one end to the other, we’d go fishing together, she’d even greet me everyday at the end of my driveway when the schoolbus would drop me off.

She was the best.

Wherever I was, chances are she’d be right by my side.

I have a lot of fond memories of various pets growing up, but Daisy and I definitely had a special bond and it’s something that I still cherish to this day.

It’s funny how we as humans connect with animals – man’s best friend in particular.  I mean, I still get teary eyed whenever I watch classics like Old Yeller or Where the Red Fern Grows, and my mom always loves re-hashing the story of when I was a youngin watching Lassie Come Home, and crying incessantly that Lassie would never make it back to her family.

SPOILER ALERT:  She did.  And I’m pretty sure I crushed some ice-cream after the fact.

Heck put on any movie or tv show or read THIS story where an animal gets killed or injured or lost and my heart breaks.

Throw on a zombie flick, however, and show a human-being getting ripped to shreds and I’m running around giving people high-fives.

FYI:  the clip above is from Dawn of the Dead (2004), arguably one of the best zombie movies ever made.  ZOMBIES!!!!!!

Anyways, back to animals.

Strength coach Chris Smith asked a bunch of us a while back if we’d be willing to write some unique content – an article, brief program, anything! – for a little project he had in mind to help benefit a local animal shelter in his neck of the woods in NY.

Having adopted a pet two years ago – our cat, Dagny, who can be seen HERE is all of her “cutest cat ever” cuteness – I was more than happy to contribute to such a great cause.

Chris ended up recruiting some other big whigs in the industry – John Romaniello, Joe Dowdell, Ben Bruno, Dean Somerset, Sean Hyson, David Dellanave, to name a few (and there are 20 programs or articles featured in all) – and ended up with a 150-page ebook of quality fitness and health content.

And the cool thing?  ALL (ie: every cent) of the proceeds go to the Tuff Tails Animal Rescue.

So not only do you get a compendium of top-notch fitness content, but you also save a puppy somewhere out there at the same time.

Come on: There’s no way you can resist that!

For those interested in more information about the book, please click the link below.  And thank for your consideration!  Really.

===> Save a Puppy, For the Love of God! <===

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