Lift Big by Bracing, Not Arching

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As far as current fitness debates are concerned the argument over which is better for long-term progress in the gym – bracing vs. arching – is right on par with people arguing over whether or not a potato is considered “Paleo, (1),” whether or not high- rep Olympic lifting (ALA: CrossFit) has any efficacy (2), or figuring out which is smarter: Tracy Anderson or a ham sandwich (3)?

  1. Um, it’s a freaking potato! It grows in the ground.  Newsflash:  That broccoli you’re eating didn’t exist in the Paleolithic era, and I know for a fact Gronk and his friends didn’t crush “Paleo” chocolate brownies back in the day you uppity douche.
  2. Sorry, but I’d trust a coach who advocates high-rep Olympic lifting about as much as I’d trust Formula One racer you drives a Prius.
  3. Come on, do we really need to debate this one?

Nevertheless, the growing dichotomy between bracing and arching – especially as it relates to hoisting heavy loads and how it parlays into optimal performance – has gained steamed within the last few years.

As a coach and as someone who trains a wide array of athletes and clients for newbie status all the way up into the professional ranks, and as someone who’s job it is to keep people healthy for the long haul, I can say that I tend to lean more towards the camp who advocates bracing.

In my latest article for T-Nation I explain why.

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