3 Not-So-Common Mistakes Athletes Make

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It’s a fairly self-explanatory title, with a fairly self-explanatory premise:  Athletes, like everyone else, make mistakes.  However, in giving a bit of a spoiler alert (and what I hope will be an enticing attempt for you to click on the link), I don’t cover your run-of-the-mill mistakes in this most recent article I wrote for Stack Magazine.

I don’t discuss set and rep schemes, nor do I discuss exercise technique. I don’t touch on the importance of making better food choices, and while it’s arguably the most important factor (and most overlooked), I don’t belabor how crucial it is to instill appropriate recovery methods (hydration, sleep, soft tissue work, puppy dog kisses, etc).

All that stuff – while important – are always talked about and debated and written about ad nauseam. I wanted to take a different route – you could say “the road less travelled” – and bring to light some other things that come into play when broaching the topic of mistakes (young) athletes make.

You know, stuff like not instilling a sense of work ethic, battling entitlement, or going waaaaaaaay too long before washing their jock strap.

Okay maybe not the last one, but I do feel that my soap box rant may strike a chord with some athletes and parents of athletes. At least that’s my goal.

It’s a quick read, but I’d love to hear some feedback to see if anyone else agrees with my thought process.


3 Not-So-Common Mistakes Athletes Make (<—Click Me)

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