Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 2/21/14

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I think I’m in heaven right now.  Unfortunately, no, I wasn’t invited by JJ Abrams to his hidden lair to proofread his screenplay for the next Star Wars movie.  And no, this version of heaven doesn’t include me driving a tank to work, which is still on my bucket list.

Nope, it this sense there’s a lot mess machismo involved.

Due to some foreseen circumstances – namely, Lisa had to borrow my car today –  I had to hop on the “T” early this morning and head in to my old stomping grounds – Davis Square, Somerville  -to hitch a ride into Cressey Performance with Pete.

I decided to come in a little early so that I could hang out at the local Starbucks here.  It’s Starbucks so it’s like every other Starbucks out there filled to the brim with Apple laptops and Norah Jones playing in the background.  But this one is a bit unique in that there’s this huge fireplace right smack dab in the middle of the floor space, which makes for perfect chill-out writing ambience.

So I am here sipping my Chai tea while writing this blog post and catching up on some other things.


Coffee: Healthy or Not? – Patty Rivas

Since I’m sitting in a coffee shop I figured it was as apropos as a time as any to post up a link to a some literature on coffee.

I’m not a huge coffee drinker.  Actually, I hate it….and prefer to get my caffeine fix either through tea or by injecting Spike directly into my left ventricle.

I should at some point switch to coffee because at least in that context, instead of a bunch of chemicals and artificial sweeteners I’d get the benefit of some antioxidants.

Either way, I felt Patty’s post on the topic was a nice succinct summary.

5 Back Squat Hacks – Greg Robins

Fellow CP coach, Greg Robins, hits the nail on the head.  Here are a handful of tips, suggestions, and insights on how to better improve your squat technique and performance.

Speaking of squats:  Jordan Syatt’s Elite Performance Squat Seminar is still on sale through TODAY (Friday, Feb. 21st) at the discounted price of $29.  For what mounts to two tickets to go see Endless Love (I won’t judge) you can learn all the tricks to dominating your squat from someone who’s a world record squatter.

After today, the price jumps up to the regular price of $49.

Big. Scary. Delts – Ben Bruno

I really enjoyed this article by Ben namely because not having “meaty” shoulders is one of my own personal weaknesses.  Well that, and ice-cream.

Did what you just read make your day? Ruin it? Either way, you should share it with your friends and/or comment below.

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Comments for This Entry

  • Patty

    Thank you for sharing my post!

    February 21, 2014 at 9:53 am | Reply to this comment

  • Brent

    Sbux I'm sitting in now is rocking some Al Green. That greatness offsets the burnt tar they call coffee here at Starbucks :) Can't imagine what Boston Sbux tastes like then! On the topic of back squats, are you fan of them for general pop. clients? I can't seem to justify them, namely because they are biznitch to perform correctly. Kinda starting to see Boyle's dislike for them. I always come back to Cooks quote 'maintain the squat, train the deadlift' and it seems to be making a lot of sense, so I goblet squat the heck out of my clients and go heavy on rounde back deadlifts :)

    February 21, 2014 at 5:50 pm | Reply to this comment

    • TonyGentilcore

      We absolutely still use the squat with your general population clients here at CP. It's just a matter of properly progressing them. I agree with you that most people can't back squat on day one with proper technique and in the interim we'll crush their deadlift/hip hinge pattern and just regress to things like Goblet squats and the like. I think too, having access to "speciality" bars like the GCB or Safety Squat bar makes a huge difference. People can still "back squat," albeit with a bar that's a bit more shoulder friendly.

      February 22, 2014 at 7:01 am | Reply to this comment

      • Brent

        Had to join a globo gym in town and they had (ready for it) a GCB AND chains. when I saw that, I pretty much high-fived every person within a 5 mile radius of the facility. Then I found a trap bar hiding in the corner and crapped my pants and passed out, from shear joy. Everything came back down to earth though when a trainer later was having his client go through some reps of a rounded back deadlift. Globo gym science :)

        February 23, 2014 at 10:53 pm | Reply to this comment

  • Charley

    Great post, as usual! If you ever come up to the Seattle area, you will be in coffee shop heaven. Make sure to check out Woods Coffee. It's all over and has that modern log cabin feel with a fireplace and amazing couches! Plus you can visit the very first Starbucks ever built. ..........This is me trying to get your ass out to my area.

    February 21, 2014 at 6:56 pm | Reply to this comment

    • TonyGentilcore

      I'd LOVE to come to Seattle at some point. We have a few former interns who are out in that area. Plus a friend and colleague of mine, Luca Hocevar, has a kick-ass facility out there. In terms ever coming out there to speak..........if someone's willing to set it up I'll come....;o)

      February 22, 2014 at 6:58 am | Reply to this comment

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