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It goes without saying that last year’s Boston Marathon will forever be singed in our memories as a pretty crappy day.

This is especially true for those who were directly affected by the horrific events that transpired.

Indeed the entire country shared in the horror, but as someone who lives in Boston (my apartment is located less than two miles from the finish line), I can tell you first hand that the events of that day, not to mention the days that followed when the entire city essentially shutdown to find those two dickheads, conjure up equal parts rage and pride.

Rage in the sense that it’s hard to believe that there are people that evil and cowardly in the world who would (and will) casually do something so unspeakable, as if they’re simply flipping a coin or deciding which movie to go see.

Pride in the sense that the human condition never ceases to amaze me. There were infinite numbers of people who risked their own lives to act and to seek justice.

More to the point, after the fact, thousands upon thousands of people have been more than willing to lend a helping hand in countless ways.

It’s a year later, and with the 2014 Boston  Marathon right around the corner it’s safe to say that all those same feelings from last year are being drummed up and people are still eager to remember that tragic day and to offer their help.

Cressey Performance will be hosting a Charity BootCamp this coming Saturday, April 12th from 7:45 AM to 8:45 AM, and all proceeds will be donated to The One Fund Boston.

Obviously not everyone reading can attend the bootcamp, unless you happen to have a private jet in your back-yard.

Either way we’d graciously accept any donations others would be willing to contribute.

Greg Robins has set-up a campaign page for people to donate to HERE.  Our goal is to raise $200, but I think we can (and will) easily surpass that.  Especially with your help.

Again, 100% of the proceeds will go towards The One Fund.  And, I owe you a hug for being such an awesome human being.

Just sayin.

Thank you!!!

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