Introducing My Deadlift Specialization Program: Pick Things Up and Put Them Down

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Name a celebrity – any celebrity – and it’s not hard to list off a handful or a few dozen adjectives or associations often tethered to them like white on rice or a ball to a chain.

Jennifer Lopez: fashion icon, badonkadonk, the impetus behind the media’s fascination with coming up with corny nicknames whenever two famous people start dating:  Bennifer (back in the day when she and Ben Affleck dated).

Matt Damon: Jason Bourne, Boston, my best friend (he just doesn’t know it).

Miley Cyrus: shock value, famous dad, and of course, twerking.

Matthew McConaughey: cowboy, free spirit, and his incessant use of the phrase, “well, alright, alright, alright.”

Everyone can be described in the same vein. We all have words, phrases, and associations that people automatically identify or link our name to. Take me for example. While I’d love to sit here and pretend that whenever the name Tony Gentilcore is uttered people gravitate towards words like intelligent, witty, charming, and People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive…I know that that’s wishful thinking.

Instead, a more accurate portrayal is something like this: “Tony Gentilcore? Hahahaha. Isn’t that the fitness dude with a funny last name, who’s bald, drives an Elantra, and talks about his cat a lot?”

Ding, ding, ding, ding. Nailed it!!!!

Well, all of that is true. But self deprecating humor aside and given the theme of this website is “because heavy things won’t lift themselves,” I think you’d also be hard pressed to see my name mentioned somewhere and not notice one word in particular following suit:


I love deadlifts. I love deadlifts almost as much as I love ice-cream.

I think what I love most about the deadlift is that in the most primal way, and as cheesy and cliche as it sounds, it’s literally you vs. the bar.

You can’t cheat the deadlift. Either you lift the bar off the floor and lock it out, or you don’t. It’s without question one of the best movements to build muscle, overall strength, and athleticism, in addition to helping “fix stuff.”  And by that what I mean is the deadlift is an excellent corrective exercise.

Correct movement is corrective.

I always laugh whenever someone chimes in with a comment like “deadlifts are going to make your spine explode” or something equally as idiotic.

These are the same people who believe squats ruin people’s knees, bench pressing destroys everyone’s shoulders, pilates builds “long & lean muscles,” and that I rode into work this morning on a unicorn.

For all intents and purposes, we might as well never load anyone and just make people lay in bed all day in zero gravity so that they won’t exert their body in any way.

What’s more, what I also love about the deadlift is its versatility. I can tweak, regress, and progress the movement based off one’s current goals, needs, injury history, and experience level.

And it’s on that note I want to introduce something I feel is going to help a lot of people:

My Deadlift Specialization Program: Pick Things Up and Put Them Down

Many like to deadlift, and that’s great. It makes me happy. Unfortunately, when it comes to getting better at it – and subsequently lifting more weight – many don’t understand how to design a well-rounded, specific, properly progressed, and safe program to get the job done.

Well, I do.

I’ve partnered with my friends at to offer a new FOUR-month Deadlift Specialization Program.

How does this program differ from many of the other one’s you can follow?

1. I wrote it. So there’s that.

2. Unlike a lot (not all) of the programs you can find on the internet, I not only practice what I preach (HERE’s a video of me pulling 3x bodyweight), but I actually train people. Like, in real life. I don’t just write about it.

Much of this program is based off protocols and concepts I use with many of the athletes and clients I train on a daily basis.

3. In partnering with on my Deadlift Specialization Program, the platform itself is its own unique experience:

  • 24/7/365 Access: Once purchased, you will always have access to the program.
  • Schedule & Receive Workout Reminders: You will be able to schedule the workout program on your calendar and will automatically receive workout reminders every day you have a scheduled workout.
  • Easy Logging with Scheduled Workouts: Your scheduled workouts will automatically come up within your workout logger making it very easy for you to see your workout for the day and log your progress.

  • Available on the web, iOS, & Android devices: The workout program will be available on all of the apps allowing you to take your workout into the gym with you on your phone for easy viewing and logging.**NOTE:  the app for the Android will be available starting later this week!
  • Printable Workouts: If you still like taking a piece of paper into the gym, you will have access to the printable version of the entire workout program and individual workouts.
  • Automatically Track Progress, Records, and Totals: You will receive your own personal profile where your logged workouts will automatically track your progress, records, and overall totals.
  • Video Exercise Demonstrations: If you do not know how to do an exercise, don’t worry. You will have an exercise video demonstration for every exercise within the workout program.
Here’s a quick video explaining all the advantages:

I know what some of you may be thinking: $49 for one month of programming ($196 if you decide to follow all four months)!?! What the heck Gentilcore!

Consider I charge $279 (and up) for one month of individualized distance coaching. Here you’re getting FOUR MONTHS for less than it would cost for ONE if you were a personal distance coaching client of mine, and you get the ease of using the platform.

To help sweeten the pot I’ve decided to offer a limited time discount code for 30% off the first month.

To take advantage of this offer all you need to do is type IncreaseDeadlift30 within the Coupon Code area upon checkout. It’s that easy.

This offer is only going to be available for 48 hours (through this Wednesday, September 10th), so I’d act quick if I were you. Are you ready to dealift!?!?

—> Pick Things Up and Put Them Down Program <—

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