Bridging the Gap Between Rehab and Strength and Conditioning

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Dean Somerset is like Gandalf.

Except Dean doesn’t own a staff (I think), or fight dragons, have a Hobbit for a BFF, or have an affinity for taking long journeys towards mountains with ominous names.

In fact, Dean isn’t even a wizard!!  So what the hell? Why am I making the connection?

Dean’s a good friend of mine. In addition, as many of you know, he and I have collaborated on several projects together – Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Upper Body, and the Spinal Health and Core Training Seminar – in conjunction with our recent adventures traveling North America (and Europe) conducting our 2-day Excellent Workshop High Five workshop.

As an FYI: we’ll be back in DC next weekend (Oct. 17th), and we’ll also be making a cameo in LA this November.

For info on DC go HERE.

For info on LA go HERE.

Needless to say I’ve spend a lot of time around Dean in the past three or so years – both professionally and as buds.  Professionally speaking, I think it goes without saying we both run on parallel tracks with regards to our approach to training people. Why else would we collaborate on so many projects?

But this isn’t to say we agree on everything. We agree on a lot of stuff, but on the off-chance we don’t, we just settle it with a good ol’ fashioned knife fight.


This is where the comparison with Gandalf comes in.  Dean is smart.  Like, really smart. And I’d be lying if I said that some of the stuff that he’s able to accomplish with people in the gym isn’t short of wizardry.

No matter how many times I listen to him talk, even if it’s something I’ve heard him discuss 47 times, I still walk away dumbfounded with some new nugget of information. This is why I love working with him so much. He always makes me better and pushes me to think outside the box.

Too, he has an uncanny ability to take really complex topics – anatomy, fascial trains, movement assessment, nuclear fission, why it is it takes women F.O.R.E.V.E.R to get ready – and water it down so numbskulls like myself can understand.

He also has a gift for being able to dig deeper on certain topics and not resort to haphazard or arcane answers to people’s questions. He’s able to engage people in a way that’s understandable, relatable, and – not many people can do this – in a way that’s entertaining.

I don’t say all of this to blow sunshine up his ass (although, given that Dean lives in Edmonton and only sees two months of warm weather per year, he can use all the sunshine he can get), but rather just to reiterate that I have a ton of respect for him and the quality of the information he consistently puts out.

To that end, Dean has just put his flagship resource, Post Rehab Essentials 2.0, on sale this week to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving.

This is an EXCELLENT resource for any personal trainer, coach, or fitness enthusiast looking to take his or her assessment and programming skills to the next level. Maybe more importantly, this is a resource that helps bridge the gap between the rehab world and strength and conditioning world.

To save face: This IS NOT something that encourages trainers to diagnose stuff and play physical therapist. There is a scope of practice that needs to be respected. But it does arm them with the tools necessary to assess and write effective, safe programs for the walking wounded, whether it be helping someone deal with lower back pain or programming around a bum shoulder or knee.

Many trainers get stymied or act like a deer in headlights once a client/athlete comes to them with an injury to work around. Post Rehab Essentials 2.o is a great tool to help prevent that from happening in the first place.

Here’s a little taste to wet your palette.  Once it hits your lips………..

—> Post Rehab Essentials 2.0 <—

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