Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 9/18/15

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Before we jump into this week’s list, as a reminder: Dean Somerset and I kicked off our Complete Shoulder & Hip Training Workshop a few weekends ago up in Edmonton, Alberta and have several stops across North America lined up over the next several weeks.

It’s like a traveling Cirque du Soleil show, except with no tents, flashy acrobatics, animals, or ripped half- naked dudes contorting themselves into pretzels.

So it’s really nothing like that.

We teamed up last year for a handful of workshops that were successful – London, DC, LA –  and didn’t want to kill each other, so we figured we’d do it again this year

This time around we’re going to place a ton of emphasis on the hips and shoulders. One day will be entirely dedicated to the shoulders (me), and the other hips (Dean). We’ll talk anatomy, assessment, corrective exercise, programming, and we’ll also be doing a fair amount of coaching/hands-on demonstrations.

Here’s a nice testimonial we received from the Edmonton workshop:

CEU’s will be available for all workshops.

ST. LOUIS (next weekend, September 26-27th. A few spots are still available).

CHICAGO (October 17-18th).

LOS ANGELES (November 14-15th)

Hope you see you there!

Effective Warm-Ups to Improve Your Squat, Deadlift, and Bench Numbers – Ryan Wood

Everyone is pressed for time nowadays, and as such…the warm-up often gets the shaft and is axed from most training routines. Or, at the very least is drastically reduced to a few arm circles here and some high knee lunges there and we’re off to the races.

I know I’m a culprit of doing it sometimes.

Ryan offers some quick and efficient warm-up exercises to help prime the body for lifting heavy things.

Understanding and Developing Starting Strength – Bryan Mann

This is a somewhat older article (March 2015), but after listening to Bryan’s interview on Mike Robertson’s podcast (FYI: you should subscribe to it HERE) and getting my face melted with some of the knowledge he was sharing I had to seek out more of his work.

I think many trainers and coaches – myself included- have a (false) idea of what “starting strength” actually is and how to train for it.

This article clears it up.

Strength Training Tricks: What Works? – Travis Pollen

I had the pleasure of helping to contribute to this article expounding on some of the more common coaching cues and methodologies that are tossed around.

Drop down fast (in the squat) to come up fast?

Don’t stretch your pecs before benching?

Touch the tongue on the roof your mouth (while deadlifting)?

Which ones stick and which ones are rubbish? An awesome clan of coaches offer their insights.

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