Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 9/4/15

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A few housekeeping things to touch on before I dive into this week’s list.

1. A reminder that next Sunday (9/13) is our 4th annual Cressey Sports Performance Fall Seminar. It’s become sort of a “thing” in the industry. And if you haven’t been to one yet, you’re missing out on not only a bunch of great information from a very knowledgable staff, but pictures of  my cat too.

She’s the cutest!1

2. Dean Somerset and I are hitting up various spots in North America this Fall for our Complete Shoulder & Hip Workshop.

We gave our new material a test-run two weekends ago up in Edmonton, Canada and the feedback we got was awesome. Here’s personal trainer, Erica, of SVPT Fitness & Athletics (which hosted the event) with a brief testimonial:


Next stops on the tour:

ST. LOUIS (Blue Ocean Fitness): September 26-17th.

CHICAGO (Rebell Strength & Conditioning): October 17-18th

LA/ANAHEIM (CrossFit 714): November 14-15th


3.  I’ll also be doing a super special SOLO (1-Day) workshop in NYC at Legacy Strength located in Floral Park, NY. The workshop is titled Shoulder Assessment 101: Deconstructing Everything From Computer Guy to the Elite Athlete.

Date: Sunday, October 25th

Location: Legacy Strength, Floral Park, NY.

Spots are limited. And I’m not just saying that to give off some false sense of urgency either. It’s being capped at 10-12 people; unless your name is Matt Damon. In that case, there is no cap.

For more information contact: Joey Olivo at:

How To Build a Successful and Rewarding Career in Fitness – Nate Green

Here’s an excellent article from Precision Nutrition’s site (written by Nate Green) on what it takes to become a “successful” fitness professional.

A lot of useful tips and insights here. If you’re a young fitness pro this is required reading.

10 Reasons You Should Be Doing Turkish Get-Ups – Monika Volkmar

Very through article on the get-up, from the perspective of a dancer.

Breaking Down Fitness Buzzwords – Part 2: Corrective Exercise – Josh Landis

Ask ten different coaches/trainers their definition of “corrective exercise,” and you’re bound to get ten different explanations.

It’s a buzzword that’s tossed out frequently – and it does mean something – however in this article Josh attempts to help us through the weeds.

Note from TG: If you haven’t checked it out yet, Dr. Evan Osar’s Integrative Corrective Exercise Approach is a fantastic resource (curriculum) for any fitness professional looking to up their game on assessment and program design around many common injuries and dysfunctions.

The difference is that Dr. Osar understands that strength can be corrective. And I dig that.

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