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First I’d like to thank EVERYONE for all the emails, texts, and messages sent my way offering kudos, congratulatory words of encouragement, and good vibes in lieu of yesterday’s official announcement of me leaving Cressey Sports Performance.

Remember that scene towards the end of the movie in Jerry Maguire when Tom Cruise walks into the middle of a support group in a room full of divorced women, looks at his wife (Renee Zelleweger), and says “you, complete, me.”

And then they hug it out, everyone in the room starts making out (<– that was actually the alternative ending), and they live happily ever after.

Remember that?

Well, that’s how I felt yesterday from the tsunami of messages I received. It was touching to know that so many people are happy for me and willing to be supportive.

What I found interesting, comical, and borderline annoying was how a handful of people couldn’t fathom that this decision was devoid of any animosity or hard feelings between myself and CSP.

WHY are you leaving Tony? Is it because of some idealogical difference between you and the staff?  A change of methodologies you don’t agree with? Wait, never mind, Eric stole a tablespoon of your peanut butter again didn’t he? That motherfucker! I don’t blame you for leaving. Good riddance I say.”

As if to imply that every departure and separating of ways between two parties must result in some sort of blood bath, confrontation, or choreographed Jets vs. Sharks knife fight dance.

Sorry to disappoint, but it’s not like that.

We’re adults. And we came to a mutual decision and agreement to part ways, respectively.

The plan now is to set up shop at the new studio space I’m sub-leasing in Boston (Brookline) and continue to make people into beasts.

I’ll soon have a direct link here on the site for those curious about more information. But for now you can just shoot me an email and I can place you on the “Yes Tony, I’m interested in training with you and being made into a beast” list once I’m organized and up and running. Which shouldn’t be too long.

I was on the Coach Glass Podcast

I was introduced to Jason Glass via a mutual friend of ours, Dana Santas (whom I collaborated with on THIS article featured on regarding body image and encouraging women to strength train), and was immediately impressed with not only his knowledge (he’s a highly qualified strength coach who works with many elite golfers in addition to being a lead presenter for the Titleist Performance Institute) but his sense of humor as well.

As someone who tries not to take himself too seriously, it was refreshing to sit down with Jason for an hour to talk some training shop and have a few laughs as well.

You can listen to the episode HERE (which links to iTunes).

Or you can click HERE for the direct link.

Either way, your is day is about to get infinitely better. Enjoy.

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