Become a Certified Speed and Agility Coach: Like, a Real One, And Not Just Someone Who Sets Up a Speed Ladder

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Yesterday renowned speed and agility coach, Lee Taft, released his new course Certified Speed and Agility Coach (CSAC).

As the name implies, it’s a certification.

Eric Cressey wrote a well-written article yesterday on his blog elucidating the meaning of that word…certification.

Are certifications worth investing in? Which ones are the best? Which ones are the best around?


In strength and conditioning circles there are any number to choose from. And, much like Eric, the ones I gravitate towards and find have the most value are the ones that 1) fulfill a void or knowledge gap on my end and/or 2) stems from a source I respect.

Truthfully, unlike some fitness professionals, outside of those certifications that “govern” the industry from a professional market perspective (NSCA, ACE, NASM, ISSA, etc), I don’t latch onto any one certification so I can add letters next to my name and treat my LinkedIn account like a Pimp My Ride episode.

Lee’s Certified Speed and Agility Coach certification is the real deal.

1) You’re learning from a guy with over 25 years of coaching experience. That in of itself makes the cost (nay, investment) a no brainer.

2) You’re not just given a laundry list of drills and coaching cues, and BAM…you’re certified. You learn the WHYs behind the drills:

  • Why Lee uses specific progressions and the order in which he uses them.
  • Why he chooses certain correctives to place people into appropriate positions.
  • Why and how he periodizes things.

3) I’m personally making my way through the curriculum right now and can’t speak highly enough to the content and production quality. Going back to point #1, Lee’s an amazingly detailed and easy to follow-along coach.

4) It was filmed at Cressey Sports Performance using CSP coach, Miguel Aragoncillo, as the model.1I mean, do you honestly think CSP would allow itself to be affiliated with a less than stellar product?

Pfffft, no way!

Registration is live now at an introductory $100 off discount. If you’re like and find this sort of a material a “weak link” in your coaching arsenal or if you’re just looking for some amazing content to better yourself, look no further.

You can check it out HERE.

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