Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 2/19/16

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I’m heading to NYC this weekend to hang out with my boy Mark Fisher and his clan of unicorn loving ninjas.

For those of you who live in New York it’s a wonderful place. Their tagline “Ridiculous Humans. Serious Fitness” is so on point.

I mean, where else can you find people squatting, deadlifting, and performing immaculate kettlebell swing and Turkish get-ups, all while wearing speedos and capes and participating in spontaneous ABBA sing-a-longs?

Not to mention this happened the last time I visited….erotic bicep curls paired with squats.


I’ll be in town for the second iteration of the Motivation and Movement LAB.  I was honored to be invited to speak at the inaugural event last year, and was elated to witness how well-received it turned out to be.

It sold out on it’s first go. Pretty sweet.

It’s a bit of a different flavor compared to most fitness events:

  • Swearing is highly encouraged.
  • Sexual innuendos are also highly encouraged.
  • Each presenter gives a 25 minute TED-like presentation, followed by a 45 minute hands-on portion.
  • Dance-offs optional.

I had blast attending last year and was very happy I was invited back for the second go around in 2016. This time it’s a 2-Day event, eight presenters in all. I’m actually car-pooling with two them from Boston – Pete Dupuis and Artemis Scantalides.

I’m driving. And I already warned them that I preset ALL my XM channels to Electric Area.1

See you Monday.

Can Eating Too Little Actually Damage Your Metabolism? – Brian St. Pierre

One of the most thorough articles I have ever read on the very controversial topic of metabolism. Don’t be intimidated, though. Brian does a fantastic job of making things accessible and not too sciency.

Sit down, maybe grab some caffeine, you’ll be here for awhile.

Fixing Hip Shift In the Squat – Dr. Quinn Henoch

Fantastic video by Dr. Henoch and the team over at Juggernaut Training on how to fix a very common “thing” that happens when many people squat.

Building Up the Squat – Miguel Aragoncillo

And since we’re on the topic of squats, this was a great piece by Cressey Sports Performance coach, Miguel Aragoncillo, on the efficacy of the overhead squat.

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