Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 6/24/16

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I’m mad at myself.

Not for something stupid like forgetting to turn the stove off or forgetting to send in my quarterly taxes.

No, I’m mad at myself for slacking in the movie-watching department.

Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love watching movies, and how much I pride myself on being a movie snob.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been a movie nut. I have vivid memories of seeing E.T, Return of the Jedi, and Back to the Future in the theater when I was younger, and immediately becoming hooked by the escapism those movies provided.

Sure, like everyone else I enjoy the big budget, popcorn movies like Captain America: Civil War. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy explosions, fists being thrown into other people’s faces, and Chris Evans’ pecs?

But I also love watching independent, artsy-fartsy movies too.

Foreign movies, movies that star Chloe Savigny, or movies that have some bohemian, artistic title like, I don’t know, I Stare at a Rock, Love is Blind.1

They’re all good in my book, and I’ll give everything a chance.

Regardless, I’ve been slacking this summer. I mean, I haven’t even seen X-Men: Apocalypse yet!

Putting things into perspective, however, it’s with good reason. Between all the traveling I’ve been doing for work in addition to taking over the lease for my own training studio here in Boston…I’ve been a little pre-occupied.

That said, what movies have YOU seen lately? Anything you recommend or made you want to drop kick the director in the neck for wasting two hours of your life?

I’m heading to my snobby theater tonight to go see The Lobster. I’ve heard good things.


Lets get to this week’s list of stuff to read…..

What’s Wrong With Your Deadlift? – Todd Bumgardner

Everyone has different body-types and leverages, which makes the deadlift different for everyone. However, Todd hits on some BIG ROCK cues and suggestions that pretty much have a universal connotation.

3 Steps to Better Basketball Conditioning – Ty Terrell

Remember those weighted shoes you used to wear to help with your vertical jump? Or, the crotchety basketball coach who used to run his athletes into the ground during every…single…practice?

Most still do.

In this article, Ty hits on where most coaches miss the mark with regards to conditioning for basketball. Awesome stuff.

Double Your Back Growth – Nick Tumminello

In this article, Coach Nick hits on my favorite part of the body, the boobs the upper back. There’s plenty of info in this article to keep any meathead happy, but there’s also a fair bit of science for the nerds out there too.

Did what you just read make your day? Ruin it? Either way, you should share it with your friends and/or comment below.

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  1. It’s a comedy.

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