Podcast Bonanza: International Edition

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Apologies on my end for the increased incidence of abrupt posts of late. I do want to disclose some significant life events and projects that have transpired in recent days and weeks, however I’m afraid I have to play the nebulous card and keep everyone in the dark for the time being.1

Everything is hunky-dory, all is well. I’m just stupid busy with several projects and my writing has been slacking as a result

To help make up for it, I wanted to share two appearances I made recently on two separate (international) podcasts.

1) Sigma Nutrition Radio – How to be an Effective Coach

You’re reading that correctly, I was invited onto a nutrition podcast.

The idea of me discussing the efficacy of high-carb vs. low-carb diets, gluconeogenesis, gluten intolerance, and the absurdity that there’s such a thing as “Paleo brownies” (and that people keep a straight face when they argue that they’re somehow healthier than “regular” brownies) is daunting in of itself.

Nutrition is not me strong-suit.

Luckily, the host, Danny Lennon, knew as much, and he and I had a lovely chat on coaching instead. I had a great time recording this episode, and if nothing else you get to listen to a British accent intersperced in the conversation for 45 minutes.

2) Make Your Body Work Podcast – When Too Much Exercise Becomes Too Much of a Good Thing

Top Canadian trainer, Dave Smith, invited me onto his podcast to discuss the follow reader questions:

“I spend a lot to time training and do a few races each year. My times have actually improved a fair bit recently, and I’m 41, not getting younger, but I don’t love what’s happening to my body composition. I look soft. I know that strength training is the ticket, but I find it hard to make time for weights, run, and have time to recover. When I lift, my running seems to suffer. How can I do it all and get the results I’m looking for. Ha! I guess I’m hard to please. Thanks, from Robert.”

He and I spend about 25 minutes discussing the answer.

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  1. I’ll tell you what’s not happening:

    1. Me fighting crime as Batman. Or fighting crime in general. That’s just crazy talk.
    2. Me cleaning the dishes.*
    3. Me writing a screenplay with Aaron Sorkin.

    * = Note to Lisa: just kidding babe, I totally cleaned them today.

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