Build Your Base: Pedestal Footwear 2.0

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This, my friends, is super cool. Please read on.

Most people who have been following me know that when I left Cressey Sports Performance back in 2015 and started my own gym I was quick to affiliate myself with a small Boston-based company called Pedestal Footwear.

Granted one of the co-owners – Brendan McKee – was a long-time CSP friend, but when he reached out to me to introduce me to his business partner, Mike Lyon, to set up a meeting for Mike and I to meet, it didn’t take more than ten seconds for me to appreciate that what they were trying to accomplish and the message they were trying to convey was something I could get on board with.

Mike and I met, we discussed what Pedestal Footwear was all about, we deadlifted, and it was a match made in heaven.

In the year since that first meeting I have been using Pedestal Footwear exclusively in my training.

525×1+. I got 3 (maybe could have gotten 4, but my goal was 3 do called it there). Got a little in front on the first rep, but recovered and got my weight back on subsequent reps. Pretty happy with bar speed. And I did lock out that last rep…?Also: wearing all grey makes you super cool.

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I’ve also been recommending them to all of my athletes and clients. In fact, each person that starts training at CORE receives a complimentary pair.1

In fact, it’s not uncommon for everyone on the gym floor to be rocking their Pedestals during training, which, now that I think of it, definitely calls for a new hashtag.


Why Pedestal?

1) We don’t wear gloves when we type on a laptop, so why do we feel it’s necessary to wear shoes at all times, especially when we train?

When standing your feet are the one part of your body that’s in constant contact with the floor providing sensory input with regards to spacial awareness and balance. There’s a time and place for shoes, but when you’re inside, in a controlled environment, the capacity to actually use the small intrinsic muscles at the bottom of your feet can enhance training.

2) On that last point, many nagging injuries such as Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy, and many other injuries up and down the kinetic chain (knee pain, low back pain) have their roots at the feet. Due to wearing cement blocks for shoes at all times many (not all) people have lost the ability to use their feet because the feet are weak, and in turn, compromises the ankles and all the other joints up the chain.

3) More specifically, Pedestal Footwear aren’t just socks. They’re engineered and designed to enhance your training.

  • Their Base Grip makes it so that your feet stayed glued to the floor and don’t slip. Perfect for performing things like squats and deadlifts. What’s more, you can wear them in shoes – and many do – to help keep the feet more stable inside.
  • The Ped-Tex Blend makes them almost indestructible. Batman gives them a thumbs-up.
  • The Woven Saddle, which utilizes the Silver Weave, makes it so the socks themselves won’t become a HAZMAT hazard. They stay odor and bacteria free.

4) They’re manufactured in the USA, if that’s something that’s important to you.

5) And it’s not just me that’s been singing their praises. Other well-known coaches and health/fitness industry professionals have hopped on board: Bret Contreras, Nick Tumminello, Dr. Emily Splichal, Jen Sinkler, BJ Gaddour, and Bill Parisi are just few.

6) In addition reputable fitness publications such a Men’s Health Magazine, The, and STACK have all endorsed Pedestal Footwear.

Support and Find Out More

I don’t receive one nickel for any of this. I’m helping out because, yes, Brendan and Mike are two friends of mine, but also because they’re two guys who are the epitome of integrity and are doing the fitness industry a favor by attempting to bring Pedestal Footwear to the masses.

They’ve just started a KickStarter Campaign TODAY (<— CLICK) highlighting the new 2.0 versions. It would be a huge favor to me if you’d take the time to watch the video below and possibly consider helping out their cause.

Thank you!

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