Appearance on the Push, Pull, Legs Podcast

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It’s always a great feeling to be in demand. I’ve been very fortunate to get to a point in my career where people will seek me out to listen to me talk. 1


Just last night my wife and I sat down at our dinner table to hash out a trip to Europe this summer. I’ve had several places reach out and ask if we’d be interested in doing our Strong Body-Strong Mind workshop over there. You may be seeing the Gentilewis clan in Ireland, London, Denmark, and/or Warsaw. That’s pretty cool.2

Also, mine and Dean Somerset’s ongoing globe-trotting shoulders & hips bromance continues in Vancouver this coming April. Stay tuned for more dates in the future. I.e., here’s looking at you Orlando, FL.

More to the point is that I continuously get invited onto different podcasts each month. This is great as it allows me an opportunity to expand my brand, reach different audiences, and not wear pants.

Recently I was invited onto the Push, Pull, Legs Podcast.

Dan Meek and Tom Hall are two chaps I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in person (they’ve both attended workshops I’ve done in London) and are also two very accomplished coaches over in the UK.

You can check out Part I of my appearance HERE on iTunes or listen below:

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  1. Most often about deadlifts and stuff, but I’ll usually sneak in a Star Wars reference or two (or eight). Also: it’s become abundantly clear I can’t go more than 20 minutes without referencing my cat. I have a problem.

  2. Of note: we might not think it’s so cool with a infant in tow moving forward, but we’re still ecstatic at the opportunity. #poop

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