Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 2/17/17

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Another week down. Lets get right to it.

Stuff to Check Out Before the Other Stuff

1. 2 Workshops Coming Up

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint – Vancouver, April 1-2nd.

Dean Somerset and I will be in Vancouver that weekend to talk shoulders and hips and to start a tickle fight.

For more information and to sign up you can go HERE.

SUNY Cortland Health & Wellness Conference – Cortland, NY, April 8th

I’ll be at my alma mater the weekend of April 8th speaking at what I believe is the 4th or 5th annual SUNY Cortland Conference. Other guest speakers include my wife, Dr. Lisa Lewis, Mark Fisher, Brian St. Pierre, and Dr. David Just.

For more information you can go HERE.

2. The DB Row and Shoulder Health

The 1-arm DB Row. You do it, your best friend does it, the girl whom you have a crush on at the gym yet have never said hi to does it, everybody does it.

However, it’s still one of the most commonly butchered exercises out there. Check out my most recent “tip” on T-Nation on how to perform it right. [Video]


3. Gotta Go See John Wick 2


The first John Wick was the best action movie I’ve seen since The Raid (and the Raid 2). A little know fact about John Wick is that the guy who wrote and directed it was also Keanu Reeves’s stunt double throughout all of The Matrix movies.

Pretty bad ass.

4. Registration Closing Soon for Online Trainer Academy


You only have a few days left to take advantage of $200 off joining The Online Trainer Academy. Need a little convincing? Check out this FREE ebook by Jonathan Goodman titled the 16 Lasting Laws of Online TrainingHERE.

Don’t worry, Jon won’t spam you. Because he’s not a dick.

Stuff To Read…

Rise of the (Weight) Machines: Why Exercise Equipment is Not as Bad as You’ve Been Told – Aleisha Fetters

I used to be the snobby, douche of a trainer who felt using machines was a waste of anyone’s time and that all anyone ever needed was to use barbells and dumbbells.

It’s a very stupid notion to think that training should be a “one or the other” endeavor. Thanks to Aleisha for including me on this awesome piece written for Adam Bornstein’s site.

Returning to Exercise After Pregnancy – Sarah Ellis Duval

This was a very pertinent article to read on my end given Lisa is tw0-weeks postpartum herself. She trained all throughout her pregnancy hitting the gym 3-4x per week on top of teaching 2-3 spin classes per week.


She’s been taking it relatively easy the past few weeks. I mean, she did take her body through the wringer giving birth to our son, Julian. Thankfully the fruits of her labor (<— pun totally intended) in the gym paid off in that she hasn’t had to deal with any significant health issues that many women face after giving birth.

Nonetheless, this was an excellent piece on things to consider.

Learning From Terrible Networking – Sol Orwell

Networking is an integral part of building a successful career and business. There’s right way to do it, and a wrong way.

Here’s Sol with some commentary on the latter. PLEASE read.

Social Media Shenanigans



I love this pulling variation for my female clients working towards crushing their chin-up/pull-up. This is Sara, she can currently perform sets of 3 chins for a handful of sets. However in an effort to get a little more volume I like using Rack Pull-ups, which is a variation I learned from Paul Carter. This is an excellent exercise for a few reasons: it forces the feet out front which helps maintain “canister position throughout (preventing excessive ribs flaring out and cranking through lumbar spine) in addition to allowing more t-spine extension and scapular retraction. It’s also an excellent exercise that hammers the lats and I love how you can accentuate the “stretch” at the bottom. Also to note, to steal a line of thinking from Paul, at the top the legs should be parallel to the floor. Any higher and you gain a leverage advantage and they’re not a difficult. Sara makes these look easy. Good luck….?

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