Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 3/17/17

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Julian just went down for his morning nap, I don’t know how much time I have. Lets do this!


1. Just Announced

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint – Orlando

Our Vancouver shindig in April sold out, but Dean and I have recently announced a stop in Orlando, FL later this year, October 21-22nd at Spark Fitness.

I’ve never been to Orlando. There’s no way in hell I’m visiting Disney World.

You can go HERE for more details and to sign up.

[SPOILER: Dean and I also in talks to bring the Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint to London this summer. Stay tuned……..]

2. SUNY Cortland Health & Wellness Conference – Cortland, NY, April 8th.

I’ll be at my alma mater the weekend of April 8th speaking at what I believe is the 4th or 5th annual SUNY Cortland Conference. Other guest speakers include my wife, Dr. Lisa Lewis, Mark Fisher, Brian St. Pierre, and Dr. David Just.

For more information you can go HERE.

3. The Principles of Nutrition Coaching

If you’re a fitness professional you know full-well one of the best things you can do for your athletes and clients is to help them hone in on their nutrition. THAT’s often the key to helping them look and feel better.

Exercise alone won’t get the job done.

But what kind of nutrition advice can you actually give?

(Is it even LEGAL to give nutrition advice?)

And if you CAN give nutrition advice, how should you give it?

Find out in this FREE Nutrition Coaching Course put together by renowned coach, researcher, and pioneer in the field of exercise nutrition — Dr. John Berardi.

Just click the link below and you’re all set: ion/28316815?url= -coaching-free-course

4. Turned 6-Years Old

And to celebrate they’re giving everyone a free sponge bath! Kidding.

However, they have reduced the price on everything on their site by 40% until midnight (3/17). I don’t feel there’s a huge need to be pitchy here. They’re the largest database (50,000+ references), they’re 100% independent, they’re trusted (2 million+ visitors/day), and they’re simply the best.

No ads, no consulting, no coaching – just an education company 🙂

  • General Products Page: HERE
  • Supplements Goals References: HERE
  • Stack Guides: HERE
  • Research Digest: HERE

4. Recent Podcast Appearances Podcast w/ Andy Morgan

SoundCloud, Stitcher, iTunes

The Fit Clique w/ Chris Doherty

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work

The 12 Best Ways to Build Shoulders – T-Nation

T-Nation asked a bunch of coaches how to put boulders on someone’s shoulders and I happened to be one of the coaches they asked.

Some great content and ideas in this one.

Conscious Coaching – Brett Bartholomew

We’re always quick to gravitate to the latest and greatest trends in the weight room without taking into consideration something more relevant: how to motivate our clients & athletes and meet them where they are…both psychologically and emotionally.

It’s not always about sets, reps, and PR’s.

Cool Factoid: Tom Hanks (yes, Forrest Gump) is going to be narrating the audio version of this book. Awesome.

A Comprehensive Guide to Preseason Baseball Training – Andy Haley (

You can’t squeeze an entire offseason of training into two weeks before the season starts. Don’t be that guy.

Social Media Shenanigans


Not my strongest week. Gotta pick up my game.


405 lbs felt like speed weight today. No diggidy, no doubt.

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