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If you’re like me, you hate listening to the sound of your own voice. For me it ranks somewhere between nails scratching a chalkboard and a whale passing a kidney stone.

Not pleasant.

Which is to say: I get invited onto a number of podcasts each month to talk about training, deadlifts, and LOLcats, and I rarely (if ever), re-listen to any episode I appear on.


This isn’t to say I don’t believe I had anything good or insightful to say, or that I wasn’t entirely witty or downright charming.

Of course I was….;o)

However, it’s just, you know, listening to the sound of my own voice is equivalent to this:


I had a recent appearance on the StrongCast Podcast with Vidura Rajapaksa. He sent me a heads up the other day that my episode went live and out of curiosity I pressed “play.”

I don’t know what it was: the fact it was the first podcast I recorded without my braces, it was a Thursday, I don’t know…..but I sounded amazing.

It was as if Adele took over my vocal chords once I started breaking down individual anatomy variances and squat depth.


Okay, in all seriousness, I had a blast recording this episode and if you’re sitting there stuck at your desk or maybe in transit to work or home and want some time to kill give it a listen.

You can click HERE to listen or click below:

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